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Friday, December 01, 2006

Time to bust out some Christmas Carols!

Today is December 1,which is officially Christmas season in my book,and it's the perfect time to start getting that holiday spirit going. One of the best ways to do that(according to the movie Elf)is to sing traditional holiday songs. However,I think it's good to focus on the not-so classic but kickass tunes that many folks cherish just as much as Jingle Bells or Silent Night.

For example,here's a little ditty from the first A Very Special Christmas collection that always gets my toes a-tapping:

This is the kind of song that I love to hear on the radio and am glad to see that someone made a great tribute video for(toothpick art rules!):

Here's a cult classic that has such staying power that they even made a cartoon special about it:

You can find Christmas cheer in the oddest of places and SNL has been an odd place to find some laughs lately:

No Doubt gives a old tune a punked up international twist(yes,I know it's a Vandals cover):

And finally,one for the kids:


Anonymous said...

Lady T, I haven't heard a single one of those. Once again, you're expanding my universe . . .

lady t said...

Glad to do so,Robin:)