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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The Top Five Most Violent Things I've ever seen in a movie

As most of us know,Mel Gibson's Apocalypto will in be a muliplex near you this Friday and one thing about it that everyone seems to agree on is that it's real damn violent. According to some of the reviews I've read(which you can check out via the Rotten Tomatoes link on the side),the movie earns it's R rating with such fun things as decapitations,a jaguar eating a man's face,a spear that shish-ka-bobs a running man's skull and human hearts being ripped out ala Indy Jones and the Temple of Doom just to give you a sample of the splatter scenes there.

Now,I'm no stranger to cinematic gore but even the likes of me has her limits. One of the reasons that I disliked Mel's Passion of the Christ was the excessive attention to all of the gruesome details of Christ's death. He seemed to be way more interested in using of all of that great cinematography to highlight the wounds on Jesus rather than get into what he was all about that made him a threat to the status quo in the first place. My sister and I,plus a couple of our friends saw TPOTC while we were at a horror convention and it was the scariest movie we looked at that weekend.

Anyway,this made me wonder if this new Mel flick is even worse than that. Going over the awful stuff I've seen onscreen to compare lead to this little list. In the interest of sparing some of you a few nightmares,I will use YouTube clips sparingly:

5)Reservoir Dogs: The "Stuck in the middle with you" scene,which is just as frightening in what you don't see as well as what you do. Mr. Blonde is one of the best roles that Michael Madsen's ever played or ever will play in any movie:

4) Saw II: It's hard to select just one nasty moment out of the many in the Saw series but Amanda's romp thru the needle pit is so heinous that it really sticks out in my mind(no pun intended,I swear!). The runner-up to that one is the overhead trap that genius girl Addison plunges herself into;she didn't even check out the clue that Jigsaw left before shoving her mitts willy-nilly into that thing!

3)Sin City:Again,another movie with so many shockster moments to sort thru. I'd have to chose the whole section with Marv,he's a real rough customer. His hardcore quest to avenge the death of his one-night-only lady love,Goldie is all at once gripping and gruesome and yet,you can't help but be touched by the single minded
devotion of this gladiator thug:

2)Dressed To Kill: Brian DePalma's uberHitchcock tribute,with Angie Dickinson as the Janet Leigh stand-in. Her demise in an elevator at the razor's edge of "Bobbi"'s
wrath certainly made quite a visual impact. That scene was to elevators as shark fins were to Jaws,in my opinion.

1)Spice World: This whole movie was filled with onscreen violence;butchered dialogue,brutal acting(if you could call what the Spice Girls was acting) and assaults upon basic human intelligence. Even the teenage girls I saw this with were bored to death:

Let's see if Mel and Friends can top any of that carnage! Or,someone else see Apocalypto and tell me about it instead-rather spend my time and money watching the Pirates of the Carribean 2 DVD(which I will be sharing my innermost thoughts about).


Anonymous said...

Ha! Love your comment about the Spice Girls!

Is it wrong to confess that I miss the Spice Girls? I liked that one video of theirs where they're in NYC, singing some love song or something. I can't remember the words, the tune, or anything, but I just liked the video.

Hated Sporty Spice's gold tooth--made her look so cheap. Hate that Posh Spice still goes by Posh Spice. Love that a friend of mine still refers to the two of us by various spice names, including the e-mail I just got from her saying she was back from her honeymoon, and identifying herself as Married Spice.

Gotta love that.

(And by the way, I'm not commenting on any of your other scary picks because I'm way too much of a chicken and didn't even read what you wrote about those movies. Maybe Pop Culture Diva is a stronger woman than I and will have something to say.)

lady t said...

Come on,Robin-if you can survive the Spice Girls,you can handle anything!:)

Married Spice,that's a good one. It's not wrong to miss the Spice Girls-they look like opera singers compared to the Pussycat Dolls,yick!