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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

What's up in the Movie Trailer Park for 2007?

As the year 2006 draws to a close,we must look ahead to the new year for those glimpses of wonderous delight or godawful torture fests(and I don't mean Hostel II,which does appear to be pretty gruesome) that movie lovers will be asked to cough up their hard earned ducats for at the multiplex.

Some films already have us chomping at the bit(Spiderman 3,Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix)while others are not so promising. Let's look at some current trailers for upcoming '07 fare and see if we can find gold amongst the dross:

Evan Almighty: You know,as much as I loved Bruce Almighty and find Steve Carell to be one of the funniest people on the planet,I'm having some doubts about this sequel. While there are many promising signs,such as Morgan Freeman reprising his role as God,Wanda Sykes having a supporting role and Lauren Graham(Lorelai Gilmore herself,yes!)as Evan's girlfriend,the Noah's Ark plotline is giving me a sinking feeling:

Ghost Rider: Nicolas Cage has been wanting to play a superhero for a long while now,even to the point of naming his kid Kal-El(which I'm sure he'll be thanked for someday at a family therapy session)and he gets his big chance here. Cage has been saying some weird things about this movie in interviews,claiming that his character will be listening to Karen Carpenter and eating jelly beans out of a martini glass. Don't know how true that is but it's more creative than having Pete Fonda play the devil who curses him to biker hell:

Shrek 3: Do we really need another one,honestly? Didn't we learn all we needed to know about these characters by now? Don't get me wrong,the first two movies were cute and funny but this is starting to become more like a tv show than a movie series:

Live Free or Die Hard: I have to give credit to the folks who name these follow-ups to the original Bruce Willis blow-'em-up,they do make an effort to inject some creativity here. This does look kickass,even without Samuel L. Jackson riding shot gun,plus you have to admire the subtley of the imagery being showcased:

Hannibal Rising:Nice to see a combo book and movie trailer,all in one. This prequel to the Thomas Harris series about everyone's favorite cannibal shrink should give us some extra chills this February. I haven't read the book but it might be better to wait until after the movie,so that I can enjoy the sinister suprises onscreen:

Well,that's all for now-see you at the movies and save me some buttered popcorn!


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who gets WAY too excited by movie trailers. I feel robbed if there aren't at least 5 before the main attraction. When I saw the trailer for Spider-Man 3 a few weeks ago--ahhhhh. Of course I can't wait to see the new HP, too.

Don't you feel sorry for people who don't actually like movies? I've known a few in my days. So sad.

Reel Fanatic said...

It's so nice to see Lauren Graham getting major movie roles, especially since this is most likely the last season of Gilmore Girls .. One flick I'm definitely looking forward to for 2007 is Pixar's Ratatouille

lady t said...

People who don't like movies...such creatures do exist?:) I like watching trailers before the main movie,too-hate the commericals that get shoved into our face. If I wanted to see an ad for a car or computer,I'd stay at home and watch Tv.

RF,I hope this isn't the last season of GG but if Lauren Graham gets more movie roles out of it,that'll be a fair trade-off. Haven't seen the Ratatoullie trailer yet but will look out for it.