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Thursday, December 28, 2006

What's your favorite TV moment of 2006?

With this year rapidly drawing to a close,I thought it would be good to showcase a few of my special favorite TV clips that haven't been highlighted here at LRG. I also hope that this topic would encourage folks to think about all the shows they've watched this year,for better or worse,and find some fun ones to share and discuss.

Let's start with Gilmore Girls-season 7 has been a bumpy ride,with the new crew having to clean up the messy plotlines from the Sherman-Pallidino departure. Ratings have gone down but some of us have still stuck around to see how Lorelai will reconnect with Luke and Rory deal with her ever troublesome relationship with Logan. In this clip,Mom and daughter share a true-to-form bonding moment,making up for a canceled tour(warning: this clip starts off a little pixilated but clears up quickly):

Veronica Mars is having a tricky transfer as well,with the new college setting and altered opening credits(still not letting go of that old bone,I'm afraid). Despite such hinderances,the show is a major must-see and this intro to an interesting new catchphrase is a good example of why:

Rescue Me had a very controversal season(even for a show like this),with hate sex,underhanded child custody and a no-pun-intended fiery cliffhanger at the end. Here,early on we see brothers Tommy and Johnny deal with a romantic rivalry in the typical Gavin family way:

One of the best surpises of the year has been the success of Heroes,which takes comic book sensibilities to new heights and is actually being appreciated by those not usually part of this genre market. A strong reason for that is a scene like this where Clare,the endangered cheerleader,gets quite a wake-up call about the limits of her new found ability(not for the squeamish!):

On the lighter side,The Office is still going strong and so far,has not been setback by the Jim/Pam/Karen love triangle. Michael Scott and company started the new season off well with this brilliant send-up of homophobia:

And finally,a guilty pleasure of mine is Mind of Mencia,Comedy Central's half hour politically incorrect playground for Carlos Mencia to roll around in. Out of the many targets Carlos hits with accuracy is the amazing amount of ignorant folks in the world,expressed by this little musicial ditty:


Pop Culture Diva said...

I love Carlos Mencia. My husband turned me on to him. The Dee Dee Dee song is hilarious.

Anonymous said...

I've never watched a second of Mencia. That clip is great. I also (I must confess) haven't watched The Office because I'm trying not to get hooked on new shows. But you already made me watch Heroes, so now I'll probably give in again . . .

Speaking of which, I watched Top Chef yesterday (2 episodes!) because I was curious because of all your recaps. Great, now another show I'm hooked on.

Bad influence, Lady T. Or maybe good influence, since you do find some real gems out there.

lady t said...

I dig Mencia but my sister doesn't(she's not shy about making her opinions known)so I sort of watch it on the sly. The Dee Dee Dee song rocks. I was hoping to find a clip of Mencia warning Baby Suri about her wacky parents but no one has uploaded it on YouTube,alas!

PCD,have you and your husband seen Mencia's No Strings Attached? That whole bit about the Riddler ride kills me:)

Now,Robin,you know I only use my powers for good not evil*crosses fingers*-which Top Chef episodes did you see? I think they were showing both season one and two the other day.

Anonymous said...

Top Chef: saw the ones where they could only use foods from a gas station food mart, and then the microwave meals for the ladies' whatever club.

First you make me watch Project Runway, now this. Yes, obviously I will be better for it, but these things take time. What will I have to give up now? Sleep? Reading other people's blogs? There are still only 24 hours to work with, and so much that must be seen.

Sigh . . .

lady t said...

You saw some of Season one there,Robin,which looks pretty tame next to the current crop where fights break out at the drop of a hat.

You can catch up without losing too sleep by reading the recaps at TWOP(which are fun)or a Bravo marathon. I know,I know,only so many hours in a day but it's worth it,really!

Pop Culture Diva said...

I haven't seen No Strings Attached. I'll have to look out for it. Good lookin' out Lady T.