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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Adult Swim presents Dethklok,the most heavy and humorous Metal band ever!

One of the hottest new shows on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim lineup is Metalocalypse,which takes place in a slightly furturistic society that literally hangs on the every word of Dethklok,a heavy metal band so popular that a secret government/society cabal is investigating them. Let's meet the members of Dethklok,shall we?:

There are many things to love about Metalocalypse;the artwork which makes it seem like all of the characters are living in an Iron Maiden album cover,the pounding music that imitates every metal band that ever played and yet is it's own unique sound or the dead-on parodies of celebrity culture,like this take on dating:

This episode shows Dethklok's version of foreign diplomacy as well as finding a practical use for those annoying cellphones:

If you think those Super Bowl ads are overdone media extravaganzas,then check out the Dethklok jingle for Duncan Hills coffee and get a real taste of overkill:

Metal music is not the only type that Dethklok can play. Witness their version of Mississippi Delta Blues(after a tricky negotiation with the Devil at the crossroads):

A number of real life musicians have lent their voices to Metalocalypse,such as King Diamond,James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett(Metallica)and Cannibal Corpse's George"Corpsegrinder" Fisher. Jedi Master and animated Joker Mark Hamill speaks for several characters on the show and cameo vocals have been contributed by the likes of Larraine Newman and Andy Richter. A DVD of the first season is expected to be out by summer of 2007,along with a "DethAlbum" that will feature extended versions of the songs on the show with possibly some new tunes in the mix.

Metalocalypse is not for the squamish or those who prefer lite FM(not that I have anything against lite FM,sometimes you need a little musical mush)but that's why it's on Adult Swim. So,if you want to relive those glory days of heavy metal mania,click on to the title link above to visit the Metalocalypse website or catch the show during it's current Monday to Friday airings at 12:15. Oh,and I must leave you with one of the best opening credits themes ever:

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