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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Fantasy films are like a box of chocolates,you never know what you're gonna get!

Most of the upcoming big movies in 2007 most folks know about(more than they want to in some cases)but there are always those little movies that may not get as much love,yet can be just as or even better silver screen entertainment. Here's a few that you might want to keep an eye out for:


Yes,this is FF2 and Doctor Doom will be making an reappearance(plenty of evil Julian McMahon goodness,yum!)along with the title character who resembles Arnie Schwarznegger's nemesis in T2. The original cast and director is back,which is always a good sign of a decent sequel. I really liked the first movie;it wasn't as good as the Spiderman movies or the X-Men flicks but still gave you a good time:


B&C is based on a teen novel by Annette Curtis Klause(who is coming out with a vampire novel later this year called The Silver Kiss)about a female werewolf who must choose between a arranged marriage with one of her pack or being with a human boyfriend. I haven't read the book so I don't know how close to it the movie is going to be. It does look like the characters are abit older(the film was produced by the team who made Underworld so it makes sense that they would want a slightly more adult target audience). This trailer does make me want to read the book as well as see the movie,which means that the marketing folks are doing their jobs pretty good:


Hillary Swank follows up her noble teacher bit in Freedom Writers with this movie that has her as a debunker of miracles being bombarded with major league signs of the apocolypse. Sounds like fun on a stick,especially with all of these scenes of flying locusts that bring me such fond memories of Exorcist II:The Heretic. Stephen Rea is also in this sucker as a priest who starts this whole ball of hella-scariness rolling:


My main man Julian McMahon is here as Sandra Bullock's husband who dies in a fiery car crash but Sandra keeps having the replay button pushed to the day before he meets his maker. This story seems like a cross between Groundhog's Day and Final Destination but any chance to see Julian on the big screen is worth it to me:


Pop Culture Diva said...

What unanswered questions did we have in Fantastic Four that warrants a second installation? However, I did see the preview and the surfer guy looks cool.

lady t said...

No unanswered questions but any chance to see Julian McMahon in a movie is good enough for me:) Also,Michael Chiklis does a great job as The Thing.