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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Grammy,Grammy,who's gonna get a Grammy?

Coming up soon are the 49th Annual Grammy Music Awards and while my taste in tunes is pretty standard,I thought it would be fun to check out some of the nominees to gauge the chances of the singer walking away with a trophy or two. Let the music play:

Carrie Underwood/Jesus,Take the Wheel

Carrie was one of my favorite contestants on American Idol and it's nice to see her have such a thriving country music career. This litte ditty has racked up a number of noms,including Song of the Year and Best Female Country Vocal Performance. The song is one of those storytelling tunes and the first half of it sounds like the spoken word version of The Britney Spears Story:

Weird Al Yankovic/Straight Outta Lynwood

Weird Al is still goin strong,with his latest album up for Best Comedy Recording. You have to hand to Weird Al,the man keeps up with the times and is the current reigning master of the parody song. The first single off of SOL is this ode to Chamillionaire's Riding Dirty called "White and Nerdy" which is so spot on that it's scary:

Weird Al's original songs don't get as much attention as the parodies and they should. Take a listen to "Don't Download This Song":

Lamb of God/"Redneck"

You'd think that with a name like Lamb of God,this might be a Christian Rock band or a "inspirational" group but no,no,no! This here's a heavy metal band,up for Best Metal Performance. While their name might be a tad misleading,it's certainly better than some of the band names in this catagory like Stone Sour. Stone Sour? What the hell is that-since when do people taste stones?:

Gnarls Barkley/"Crazy"

One of the biggest debuts of the years was Gnarls Barkley,with this single "Crazy" and their album,St. Elsewhere,which is up for Album of the Year,along with a nom for Record of the Year. I first heard this song being performed on the MTV Movie Awards and fell head over heels in love with it. Here is that performance and who would've thought that imperial stormtroopers had a burning desire to play backup guitar?:

Peter Frampton/"Black Hole Sun"

No joke-Peter Frampton did a cover of Soundgarden's "Black Hole Sun". Sounds as likely as Dolly Parton doing a cover of Metallica's "One" but yes,it's true. It's up for Best Rock Instumental Performance:

Black Eyed Peas/"My Humps"

One of the most annoying,overplayed ringtones of 2006 is competiting with the Pussycat Dolls "Stickwitu" for Best Pop Performance by Duo or Group. Truly a challenge to pick between these two deathknells to feminine dignity. To be honest,I haven't listened to "My Humps' in its entirety before,but now that I have,I wish I hadn't. That won't stop me from sharing the pain with the rest of you:

KT Tunstall/"Black Horse and the Cherry Tree"

I wasn't fond of Katherine McPhee on AI but I do have to thank her for giving this song and artist the push needed to expose her to the wider world. Tunstall is up for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance and rightly so,in my opinion. She's up against Pink for Stupid Girls,another song I love,which makes it hard to choose but in a good way. This more than makes up for the likes of "my Humps":

The Grammys will be airing on February 11 and it's just been announced that the show will open with a reunion of The Police. Very nice! That means that this may be an awards show worth watching.

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