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Friday, January 05, 2007

The Top Ten Things I Learned from Snakes on a Plane

All praises to the Netflix! I finally got to see Snakes on a Plane and it was everything I hoped for and then some. There's quite a bit of educational value in this film as well that you might want to add to your pocket survival guide. Let's take a look here:

10)Being raised by a single mother doesn't always lead to beating guys to death with a baseball bat but it is a factor.

9)Disabling the smoke detector in the airplane bathroom may have lethal consequences.

8)Macking on a stewardess is a time honored tradition that may lead to hook-ups after a major inflight disaster.

7)What's worse than snakes on a plane? Snakes on crack!

6)Good weapons to use against angry snakes: tasers,fire extinguishers,upright trays.
Bad weapons: sporks and rolled up magazines.

5)You can use olive oil and a razor blade to treat nasty snake bites on little kids.

4)Throwing a small dog to an anaconda as an appetizer does not guarantee that you won't become his main course.

3) Playing over 200 hours of flight stimulator gives you enough skills to successfully land a commerical airplane.

2) There are two other memorable lines in Snakes on a Plane: One is "Dick,get off my dick!" and here is the other,said after the big SLJ one, of course:

1)The theme song"Come on,Bring it" is not only played over the end credits but the entire video for the song is shown as well! It does qualify for Best Song at the Oscars,I knew it,I knew it!

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