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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Grammy Night,American Idol in Hollywood and Top Design gets beachy

This week's Top Design challenge was a team effort,with a group of three creating and building a beach cabana based on a popular resort locale:Miami,Tahiti and St. Tropez. Michael managed to work well with others this time out and Team Tahiti put together quite a swanky shack. It was very much in the right style without being too obivious but I do agree with the judges that it needed a roof. They did intend to put one up but decided at the last minute that the open framework on top was more pleasing to the eye. Maybe so,but for someone like me who burns easily in the sun,a little shade is always welcome.

Erik,who won immunity during the last round, was on Team Miami with Elizabeth and the two of them dominated the design and color choice. Too bad Matt didn't speak up more because the judges hated the colors("it looks like paint that you buy on sale" quipped Judge Kelly)and while they appreciated the indoor/outdoor approach,it really sunk the team. Personally,I would've added some Cuban style to the design. Miami has a prominant Cuban community and if you wanted to break away from the usual pastel hues(which Elizabeth did),that would have been the way to go.

Team St. Tropez had the most feuding and fussing. It started off with Ryan insisting on doing the furniture shopping(certain tasks were assigned to one team member only)despite the fact that Carisa's a set decorator and clearly the most qualified person to do that. She was stuck with buying the fabrics and while her palette was too dark for the beach,Ryan's furniture was worse. It didn't click with the structure designed by Goil at all and looked very cluttered.

Ryan thinks that he's more creative than Carisa but this is a guy who created a little girl's bedroom that was a giant pink catwalk! The catwalk was not a bad idea but it was like a huge freeway and that easel he made was crap. I've seen a good number of artist's easels in my life and can assuredly say that a few planks of wood slapped together does not an easel make!

Team Tahiti won and Elizabeth was dismissed,due to her colors that were more suited to Pee-Wee's Playhouse than a beach house. Ryan is on my "must-go" list,along with Michael(who may get a reprieve for good behavior-we shall see). I really like Carisa so far. She had a good grasp on the concept and in another team challenge,may get a better chance to shine.

The Grammy awards were given out on Sunday and while there weren't too many surprises,I do have a few questions. For example,why have Prince come onstage just to introduce Beyonce? What a waste! Why couldn't anyone find an excuse to let Jennifer Hudson sing? She was already there to present and had on a great dress to boot. Guess Beyonce didn't want direct compare and contrast that night.

The Dixie Chicks cleaned up nicely(really thought that Mary J. Blige was going to have more of a sweep but she did pretty well there)and I was glad to hear that Lewis Black won Best Comedy Album. Saw Hillary Duff on the E! Red Carpet pre-show and her outfit practically screamed disco whore. Looks like Ryan Seacrest agreed with me:

American Idol has finally selected their Top 24 and voting will begin next week. Who are some of the front-runners here? Let's take a look:

Sanjaya auditioned with his sister,who didn't make the the next to last Hollywood cut. Simon thought he was way better than her and while I think she wasn't half bad,her baby brother does have a sweet set of pipes on him:

Chris Sligh aced his audition with "Kiss from a Rose" and in Hollywood,he and his whole group put on the best performance during the group sing. Rudy Cardenas joined Chris in the T24 as well:

Lakisha Jones is a mom with a three year old girl and can sing like nobody's business:

Melinda Doolittle's been a backup singer for awhile but she will be getting her moment in the spotlight here:

And now for the one that I hope gets the boot first:Antonella. She went into Hollywood week with her BFF Amanada and the two of them undermined a much more talented singer,Baylie Brown, with their antics. Amanda got cut before the T24 culling but Antonella will be on the stage show next week. She must be stopped as soon as possible,people. She took Baylie's spot,in my opinion:

Random Notes:

Heroes: Sylar teaming up with Mohinder to hunt down more super powered folks is dangerous in more ways than one. Not surprised that Clare's Firestarter mom would not only hit Nathan up for hush money but cheat Clare out of her full share of the hundred grand there:

Clare's other mother is totally losing her marbles;remember that bit in the Men In Black movie where Will Smith asks Tommy Lee"How many times have you flashy-thinged that poor woman?". That could easily be rephrased to inquire about the number of times Mrs. B has had a visit from the Haitian Sensation.

Ugly Betty: Anyone else not too shocked at Mother Meade's fessing up to killing Fey? I suspected her from The Lyin',The Witch and The Wardrobe episode. And just as Walter is finally getting out of the picture,Henry's old girlfriend has to show up and delay the ment-to-be romance between Betty and Henry. I still have hope for those two crazy kids to hook up:

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