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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Another Heroes hiatus,Top Design returns and AI gets closer to the Top 12

Heroes gave us some more answers this week,like who was the person looking for Clare via the Silent Haitian(Mother Petrelli),does Mohinder have any clue about his new buddy "Zane"(yes, but he should've called for backup before taking on a super powered psycho alone-again,not smart,dude!)and will Hiro ever get that sword(Hell to the yes,finally!!!). However,they were cruel enough to end the show on this chilling cliffhanger and make us wait until April 23 to see what happens:

So mean! If this show wasn't so good,I'd be alot angrier but patience is a virtue. Also great is the adding on of new folks,like the Illusionista who tricked Mr. Bennet into showing his true colors to the Primatech Posse. She seems very much in villianess mode-maybe Sylar can hook up with her(if he doesn't feast on her brains first). The star turns on Heroes truly rock, now with Malcolm Mc Dowell playing Linderman. Hard to hate a crimelord who bakes his own potpies,you know?

Top Design took a break last week but the show returned last night to give the designers another group challenge: design a garage for a family that wanted storage space,a home office,room for the car and a stage for the kids to play theater. Andrea's design was chosen,giving her immunity and making her the project manager. She assigned everyone certain tasks tailored to their speciality(why she let Michael chose the fabrics,I don't know. His idea of purple is the same grape hue he uses every chance he gets)and wanted everyone to work together and add to the mix.

I was worried that Carisa would be the one to go here since she got overly focused on creating the home office(which was put in a outside shed at the last minute)and didn't try to help the others out in the garage itself. The office did turn out nicely,with some good touches of flair so Carisa was spared.

Ryan was the one kicked to the curb and I for one was glad to see him go. His whole attitude towards this project was"these people have too much stuff,they need to throw all of this junk away!". Gee,I wonder why the family didn't chose your design,Ryan,especially after you said that to their faces. Way to schmooze the clientele there,buddy!

Ryan was supposed to add graphics to the garage but all he did was put down the two lines meant as the car parking space. He also alienated the judges yet again,first by saying he was sorry for being snarky last time but in the next breath,claiming that he wouldn't have taken on this project in the first place and gladly turned down the money. Well,la-di-frakking-da for you,Ryan!

People like Ryan are so obnoxious,with their"I'm above all this,I'm a REAL ARTIST!" routine. As the daughter of a artist,I can say this with some authority:real artists don't go around proclaiming that they are one. Those who can't do,screech.

Speaking of screeching,the guys on American Idol were still stuck in the same sad groove as before,with this week's winner of the Singalong Screw-up award being Sundance Head. He did for Pearl Jam's "Jeremy" what Constantine did to Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" so long ago; took that tune into a back alley and beat it down so badly that it's own mother wouldn't recognize it. This was truly a musical crime of epic proportions:



I know that I've been hard on Antonella lately but the best thing I can say about her singing last night was that it sounded adequate. Simon was right,she's gone as far as she can here. Nice of him to allude to her photo controversy and say that she was handling it well. Haley was pretty weak as well but Simon was way harsh in calling her performance"a ghastly High School Musical" number. Haley and Antonella need to go home.

It's hard to chose which guy should go,with most of them being really so-so. I noticed that Sanjaya's ironed hair style was rather short lived-by the time the girls went to sing,his locks were back in Shaun Cassidy mode. Will that save him?Can't really say. Here's who I think will definately be in the Top Twelve,not a question in my mind:




Random Notes:

TAR/All Stars: Rob and Amber have been leading the pack so far,with being Team Number One three times in a row. Those two have the luck of the devil,I swear! The Coalminer couple,David and Mary,were eliminated this round and they join Kevin & Drew in the finish line sidebar. The Beauty Queens seemed to have formed an alliance with Teri & Ilan but I would watch my back,if I were them. Those girls have teamed up with folks before only to use 'em and lose 'em before the end.

South Park: Another season has started up just as the Sarah Silverman Show is finished with it's run(Sarah's been given a greenlight for season two,so this won't be the last we see of her on Comedy Central)and jumped right into the hot topic pool with this unusual Wheel of Fortune Puzzle:

A great take on the whole issue as always,plus plenty of cruel school Cartman stuff. This bit cracked me up when I saw it in the commericals for this episode and it is classic Cartman all the way:


Robin Brande said...

I purposely don't watch American Idol because I can't afford to get hooked on yet another show, but every time you post these clips, I immediately go to Chris Sligh's. That guy is the REAL THING. If he doesn't win, there is no justice.

Plus, don't you just want a guy with funky hair and dress-down clothes like that to make it to the top?

lady t said...

Chris Sligh is great and I'm glad to see that he made it to the Top 12,along with Lakisha and Melinda. He reminds me abit of a friend of mine in Delaware(my Delaware friend doesn't have that hair,tho);the same kind of nice guy vibe and style.

Also glad that Antonella went home but sad to see Sabrina split the scene. She was way better than Haley and poor Sanjaya looked a deer caught in the headlights! Good luck,kids-you're gonna need it!

Pop Culture Diva said...

Let's dish Hereos girlfriend. I find it hard to believe that Eric Roberts or any other high ranking official in the organization doesn't have any powers. Do you think they are hiding them?

lady t said...

Since we saw the next to last episode that Hiro's dad is part of Primatech,there may be some George Takei mojo we haven't yet seen.

I also wonder about Linderman's inside info on Nathan and other folks with abilities;maybe he has some special skills(other than cooking and hiring hitwomen) that connect him more directly to them.