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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I'm wishing and I'm dreaming of Disney classics onscreen today

With the DVD release of Peter Pan this week,I've been remembering and missing a lovely tradition that Disney had been doing until a few years ago;releasing their classic cartoon films into movie theaters. Not only did my parents take me and my brother to see such flicks as Snow White,Dumbo and Fantasia when we were young but I was able to take my younger sister to the movies to check out Lady & the Tramp,Cinderella and 101 Dalmatians(the live action version with Glenn Close is weak compared to the original). This is a pastime that should be brought back.

It was a great deal all around. Parents would take their kids to films that they themselves had enjoyed at that age and knew were good quality films. Kids would get some bonding time with the folks,plus experience such wonders as Snow White's dance with the dwarves or Bambi's first attempt at ice skating on a big screen and the studio would rake in the dough. Perfect,right?

Well,it used to be. Now with the increase of home video libraries and other venues to showcase their goods,Disney has become content to dish out their treasures on special edition DVDs for a "limited time only." I think that's fine and own quite a few of those myself but would it be so bad to have a movie like Peter Pan or even the Little Mermaid back in multiplexes for a limited run? Not everyone can afford to take their youngsters to a Broadway version of Tarzan,you know!

Just take a look at some of these scenes and tell me if you think it's better to see them on TV or a movie screen first:

Spaghetti Serenade

Cinderella's Super Sweet 16

Devil's Night Out(I know it's scary but it's wicked cool!)

Wicked Queen Makeover

I'm sure some of you might be thinking" So,what's the big deal? Don't you like anything Disney's done since the fifties?" Well,of course,I do. Sure,I'm more in favor of the old hand drawn style but Pixar's put out some great CGI flicks like the Toy Story movies and The Incredibles as well. It would be great if movies like Aladdin and The Lion King got a release into theaters. They're well made and hold up under mulitple viewings(trust me,I know!). Heck,why not release some of the classic live action stuff,too? There's an audience for those,plus the remakes with Lindsey Lohan and Tim Allen just aren't cutting it.

So,if there are any movie execs or movie theater distributors out there listening to this,just think about it,okay? Might this old school notion still be a money maker in this uber modern world? I'd like to believe so but more importantly,it would be an excellant way to get families hooked on going to the movies together.

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