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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Lights...Camera...Roll Credits!

In thinking about how much I don't like the opening credits of this season's Veronica Mars(the visuals are stiff and the theme song is mashed down into a quickie remix version of itself),I started to look back at opening title sequences that I did enjoy,such as the one for the original Wonder Woman show(back when she was still fighting Nazis):

My mind also turned to movie opening title sequences,which can really set the tone for what you're about to see. Here are a few of my favorites:


The weird thing about these credits is that I really don't like the movie. It's watchable but after awhile,the characters just get on my nerves. It doesn't help that when I first saw ND,the projectionist put the film in wrong so that everyone on screen looked like Munchkins(you could even see the boom mike in most of the shots!).

That didn't bother my sister but it induced a killer rage in me that lead to a vicious rant fest from me as we left the theater(also had an upset stomach as well). Nevertheless,the opening credits are very creative and for a minute there,I had hope that this would be a good movie. Also,the White Stripes song is well chosen:


One of the few horror sequels that goes for the funny yet still has some scare show thrills left in it. The opening sequence gives you a good heads-up on the dark humor that's to follow,plus Tiffany's doll collection reminds me of Drusilla's from the second season of Buffy. Take a good listen to the Rob Zombie song that plays in the background,it has a direct bearing on this blog:


I like opening credits that bring you right into the action of the film,not stalling the plot and letting the main character get in their groove. Bridget's sorry for her self singalong instantly bonds the audience with her right off the bat:


It's not everyday that you get to watch a Mormon porn star superhero in action and the opening credits to Matt Stone and Trey Parker's early film has one of the best theme songs I've ever heard:


Great graphics,pumped up noir music and a brilliant pull away shot that showcases the title of the movie...what's not to love here?:


This may seem like a very dull opening,just a woman walking to work but when that woman is Pam Grier,she's anything but dull. Jackie Brown is a very underrated Tarantino movie but in my opinion,it's one of his best. Excellant use of Bobby Womack here to set the tone:

One of my alltime favorites is the opening credits to Flash Gordon,with a mix of Max Von Sydow's Ming blasting the earth with wild weather,artwork from the original Alex Raymond comic strips and Queen's theme song. While I couldn't find a clip of that title bit,the closet I did find was this video of Queen recording the title song. Hope this gives you a good idea of it or atleast gets you to rent the movie:

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