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Monday, March 05, 2007

We'll be right back with this commerical after a word from our sponsors

It was recently announced that there are plans to turn the Cavemen ads from Geico into a tv series;a pilot episode has been ordered but no networks are set to put this on the air just yet. While a pilot doesn't guarantee that a show will get picked up by a network(as Aquaman fans know all too well),if this show does well,it may set off a chain of similar programming across the board. I like those Cavemen commericals myself;they're witty and the makeup looks great. This is my favorite one:

So,what other ads could be the basis of a new sitcom or hour long drama? Here's a few ideas off the top of my head:


A buddy comedy;four cell phone salesmen hang out together and rule the mall court scene until newcomer Chad moves in with his nifty new calling plan to upset the balance. The Cell Phone Posse decide to team up and take Chad(who only wants to be their friend)down. Their wacky schemes fail,of course,but they never give up! This should do well next to How I Met Your Mother,don't you think?:


Perhaps Animal Planet would like this,a show about two leonine friends who travel the jungle plains,looking for tasty tourists and even tastier steak taquitos! This concept could cross over to MTV as well:


Fans of Lost and The Office should truly enjoy this gripping drama,courtesy of Careerbuilder.com,that has a corporation trapped on a remote island with management still determined to carry on their daily routines. There's plenty of action and suspense that should keep folks on the edge of their seats:


A perfect comedy-drama hybrid,this show features several different people making one of the toughest decisions of their life;who are my five favorite friends in the world that I call on for when things get tough? Plenty of revelations erupt when certain fives are exposed:

This show can have teen appeal as well,with those high school attempts at young love being great punchlines:


This is a surrealistic kind of show,more suited for F/X or USA,where characters are welcome. It tells the story of a man who is so sleep deprived that his dreams have no choice but to come out into the real world to connect with him. My favorite character's the beaver-he's one of those classic curmudgeonly types that could get his own spin-off:

Keep an eye on those TV ads,people. They're not just bathroom breaks anymore! The next great television sensation could be just waiting for you in thirty seconds or more.


Robin Brande said...

I'd watch the Cavemen. I especially like that commercial you highlighed. The guys have sass. And they're kind of handsome, for, you know, what they are.

Pop Culture Diva said...

The caveman series is a brilliant idea.

lady t said...

Looks like the Cavemen show could be a hit,which means some of my other ideas might come true as well. Scary!