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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A bouquet of birthday clips

Tomorrow is my birthday and ,since I plan to take the day off from blogging, I thought it would be nice to gather together some birthday related clips for all to enjoy. Some of these may have very sketchy B-day connections but one can only do so much with what YouTube has to offer:

Bridget Jones' Literal Birthday Bash

This fight sequence is not in the Helen Fielding novel,but it is a high point of the film and perfect for my purposes. The fight starts at Bridget's birthday dinner,with the infamous blue soup,and winds up interrupting another birthday celebration at a nearby restaurant. Besides,what girl doesn't sort of like having two guys fighting over her,hmmm? Even if she winds up giving them what for,afterwards:

Paris Gives Rory The Gift of Her Own Good News

In this clip from Gilmore Girls,it's Rory's 21st birthday and all Paris can truly think of is her latest truimph,becoming editor of the Yale Daily News(a post she eventually loses,due to her newsroom reign of terror). Some of my fellow Buffy fans may recognize Paris' beau,Doyle,played by Danny Strong aka Jonathan. Nice to see him alive and well,altho dating Paris is riskier than dealing with Hellmouth spawn at times there:

Harry Potter and The Queen's Birthday Handbag

The cast of the latest Harry Potter film,Order of the Phoenix,performed a little skit for the Queen's 80th birthday party children's celebration. It's pretty cute
and what Ron finds in Neville's Grandmother's handbag is painfully funny:

Dorothy Trapped in Birthday Hell

I freely admit to enjoying the Golden Girls and any episode where the gals acted out old memories is usually fun. I love this bit from a birthday themed show,where Rose plans a birthday bash for Dorothy,who tries to be a good sport about the kiddie clown restaurant setting. The best part is when her birthday candle wish comes true:

Pacino and DeNiro Have a Heated Discussion

I share my birthday with Al Pacino,one of the best actors around. There are so many great film clips that showcase his talents but this scene from Michael Mann's brillant movie,Heat,in which he and Robert DeNiro face off onscreen for the first time in both their careers,is the best:

Ain't No Party Like a Shakespeare Party!

Yesterday was William Shakespeare's birthday,which is close enough to mine for me to claim it on my party list. One of the greatest things about Shakespeare's work is that it can be re-interpreted for new generations and yet still hold it's classic standards high. Speaking of high,watch how Romeo and his posse prep themselves for crashing the Capulet's party:

Gene Kelly Will Never Be Far Away

I thought it would be right to end this post with song and dance and who better than Gene Kelly can do justice to a closing number? One of the sweetest moments in Xanadu is this duet with Olivia Newton-John,a lovely tribute to romantic memories:

That's all folks...see you on Thursday,one year older and perhaps wiser.


Pop Culture Diva said...

Happy Birthday. Happy Birthday. Happy Birthday. Enjoy your day off.

Robin Brande said...

Happy Birthday, Lady T!!!! Hope you get to celebrate with all your favorite things, including maybe a great movie (or three or four).

LOVE that scene in Bridget Jones with Darcy taking off his jacket and helping save the dinner. Mmm . . . Darcy.

Bookseller Chick said...

Happy belated birthday!

I tried to leave a comment yesterday but Blogger was being evil.

May this new year bring you smiles and joy.


lady t said...

Thanks,everyone. I did have a lovely day,with my mom and sis. I went to a great movie,Hot Fuzz,and added some sweet DVDs to my video library,plus bought two books as well! Very nice:)

Hope you guys enjoyed the clips,too.
Linsey,don't feel bad-Blogger's evil is well known to me,alas!

Anonymous said...

Your post is wonderful!Wishing you a very happy belated birthday!Hope u had loads of fun.The videos are amazing!I especially liked the Bridget Birthday,Harry Potter and the clips from Heat. It also happens to be one of my favorite movies. It is great that u share your birthday with my favorite actor! Have a great weekend!