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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Double dose of TAR,A South Park Easter and Top Design takes two.

We're getting down to the wire on Top Design,as the Final Three were given their challenge that would narrow the playing field even further. The assignment was to create a room inspired by an Elle Decor magazine cover on a low budget($7,500). The winner would not only get to be in the Finals but his/her design would be an ED cover for July. Carisa and Carl were fighting again(I swear,it's like watching a old married couple snipe at each other in public),this time over the faux brick wall that was the focal point for the room. Turns out Carl was right about it,because the judges really loved the look.

Carisa's room was really good,in my opinion,and Judge Jonathan Adler seems to like her style alot. The only complaint anyone had for her room was too many knickknacks and pillows,which didn't bother me(okay,I do agree about the pillows).

Matt's room won the challenge and it was alright but my first impression upon looking at it was "high end psychiatrist's office." Honestly,can't you picture Frasier Crane holding a therapy session in this room? Not to mention that there were some unfinished bits of business,like the extra metal rod that was meant to hold up the inkblot,because Matt got bogged down with upholstering the chaise lounge he bought for the room-something that he had NEVER done before!

Why would you take on a project like that,which you have no experience doing,in such a time constrained crucial"make-you-or-break-you" challenge like this?! Matt's explanation"Oh,it looks so easy whenever I go to the upholstery place" is stupid beyond belief. Of course it looks easy when it's being done by people who know what they're doing! What are they teaching people in design school these days,I'd like to know. If Todd Oldham hadn't saved his sorry ass by practically laying out a step by step outline for him to get the lounge done,Matt would've heard "See you later,Decorator!",no question in my mind.

Turns out it was Andrea who was dismissed. Her room was duller than last week's and as the guest judge pointed out,all the furniture was on the same eye level,nothing to constrant or raise your attention upwards. Andrea's big accomplishment for her design was to stitch a border on her baseboards with yarn,which doesn't work for two reasons:1)it's not something you would ever notice,unless you're staring at the floor and 2)yarn can be easy to chew thru/wear out in the long run. Not too sensible there.

So,it's Matt and Carisa in next week's finale and right after the last show,Shear Genius begins. It's a hairstylist competition hosted by Jaclyn Smith and with contestants who called themselves Dr. Boogie and Tabatha,we should be in for some fun.

On TAR:All Stars this week,we were given a two hour episode that took place in Poland,where teams had to face such challenges as piano tuning,X-raying manniquins and having to team up with another couple to eat a huge amount of kielbasa. I've eaten kielbasa and without saurkraut,it can be abit much to chow down. Oh,and for some reason,folks had to wear a suit of armor and lead a horse to the Pitstop:

Teams also paid a visit to Auschwitz,where they lit a candle in tribute to the victims and took some time to truly count their blessings. It was nicely done. Team Guido was eliminated,after recieving a 30 minute penalty on the first half of the Poland leg,if they didn't get to the Pitstop first, Too bad the guys were not in time to use the Fast Forward available but since that kept Uchenna and Joyce(along with Danny and Oswald)still in the game,it all worked out for the best.

South Park took on Easter,with a nifty Da Vinci code parody that gives as good an explanation as any why we dye eggs and have the Easter Bunny hide them. I don't know what was funnier,the marshmellow Peeps exploding in the microwave or Cartman's death threats to the local Mall Easter Bunny. If you really want to know the secret of Easter,check this clip before the ninjas break in to stop you:

Random Notes:

American Idol: Curse you,Sanjaya! Now Gina's gone and she actually had some talent! Why Haley is still there(the girl is just a sorry excuse for a rump shaker)and scary Phil is beyond me,unless this ,too, is the work of Sanjaya! Here's Gina in her farewell performance:

Atleast Lakisha,Melinda and Jordin are still safe..but for how long? America,please please,vote for the best,not the worst!




I'm really tempted to not put up any more Sanjaya clips but that wouldn't be much of a protest and besides,I was lucky enough to find a great Fred Astaire number to counteract it,so here goes:



The Office: Tonight,we get a new episode that's supersized and will deal with the whole Jam situation. Will Roy kick Jim's ass over Pam? Dun Dun DUN!! Inquiring minds want to know:

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