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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Heroes returns,Idol give back and Shear Genius gets to the long and the short of it

After a way too long hiatus(conviantly timed for the show to hit it's high points for May sweeps),Heroes is back and not only do we get the lowdown on Linderman's evil scheme, the Peter Vs. Sylar Faceoff is concluded,with round one seemingly to go to Sylar:

But it turns out that was much too soon to count Peter out,thanks to some last minute refereeing from Claire:

For all the folks who are eager to point out that Linderman's plot to create a diaster that will allow him and Nathan to take over the country is from Alan Moore's The Watchmen...we know,we know,guys. Look,Alan Moore took that idea from an Outer Limits episode and as far as diabolical schemes go,it's pretty classic. Heroes is supposed to name check the comic book cliches there,like Gilmore Girls has a qouta of movie/literary references to work into the dialogue. It's all good.

Poor Isaac didn't survive his Sylar encounter but I hope that next week's episode,which takes place in a future where MYC wasn't saved from destruction,will tie in those drawings that he entrusted to that fanboy courier. Also,that Hiro learns some swordplay from his future self..so awesome!

Shear Genius gave us two eliminations for the price of one,as Lacey was dismissed after failing to recreate the signature shag haircut demonstrated by Judge Sally Hershberger(she's the one who gave this 'do to Meg Ryan). Tyson wound up being the winner of the Shortcut Challenge,which not only gave him first pick of model for the upcoming elimination round but the power to decide in what order the rest of the contestants got to go in.

Lacey's cut wasn't bad,but it wasn't a shag and as Judge Sally pointed out,if you have a client come in with a photo of someone with the hairstyle they want,that's what you're supposed to give them. Lacey acknowledged that she took a risk there and paid for it the hard way.

Tyson's early victory appeared to go straight to his head,as he quizzed his fellow stylists about why he should choose them to go second. Tabatha didn't play at all with that sad ploy for attention and wound up being the last one in line. That worked out well for her,since she was one of the Top Three after a challenge to take a long hair cut into a short one,using their choice of such nontraditional cutting tools such as a box cutter,household scissors and hedge clippers.

The bravest stylist amongst them was Evangelin,who chose the hedge clippers,and who won the challenge,rightly so. It was amazing to watch her work with those huge blades,like seeing a daredevil act on a highwire trapeze. Kudos to her model for being such a good sport about the whole thing.

Theodore was sent home,after his haircut which didn't look like he did much of anything there,plus he used household scissors which are tricky but not as difficult as children's safety scissors(Tabatha)for example. Dr. Boogie wound up on the chopping block as well,for playing it safe. His slogan was"You gotta ride the line until it's your time to shine!". You might want to rethink that philosophy,buddy.

American Idol did their big charity riff this week,and while I appreciate the sentiment,that two hour results show was so unnesessary. If I want to see a telethon,I can wait for Labor Day and Jerry Lewis,thank you very much. I am glad that plenty of money was raised and hopefully,it will go to the folks who truly need it rather than the bureaucrats spooling out the red tape.

No one was kicked off the show,since it was a charitable event. That was fortunate for Blake,who earned himself a Sanjaya for his uncreative take on John Lennon's "Imagine". His rendition was so lame that if Yoko Ono was watching,she would turn around to the person next to her and remark"And they say I'm a bad singer!". I would've donated more money to make him stop ruining the song:



My girls were great as always,but I'm getting worried about Lakisha. She doesn't seem to be as on her game as she was when she first started. Jordin's got her eye on the prize(how cruel was it of Seacrest to make her think she was going to be eliminated last night? Not cool,Zeus!)and LaKisha needs to get back on track,pronto!




Random Notes

Bloodties: Vicki and Mike rescued Henry from the sanctimonious sadism of Mendoza,who looks like he won't be making a return to the show. Oh well,there are other ways of getting Henry to take his shirt off there:

Ugly Betty: I find it rude of Daniel to tell Betty to back off when his clubbing antics are about to get him an opening chapter in the upcoming tell-all book about the Meade family,but as soon as he's dumb enough to be blackmailed by a sleazy model mom who pratically pimped her underage daughter out to him,Daniel's all"Can I talk to Betty?". It's not the right way to treat a friend who is also an employee,seriously. Speaking of employer/employee relationships,Wilhelmina's determination to primp her feet to fuel Daddy Meade's fetish goes to quite the extreme:

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