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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

A hoe-down all of us gals can appreciate

American Idol went country last night,with the help of Martina McBride. While I won't be getting into who did well(Melinda) and who did not(Sanjaya...who else?)until the Thursday Tv wrap-up,this theme reminded me of country songs that I have enjoyed over the years that nimbly leaped the divide between C&W and Pop. So,without further delay,folks:


I first heard this Charlie Daniels Band tune back in ye olde days,before MTV,when you had to imagine for yourself what story the song was telling. This tale is pretty classic,good vs. evil,with some hot fiddle playing and a happy ending. Primus did a cover version of TDWDTG a while back but I prefer the original,which is nicely animated in this clip:

9 To 5

Dolly Parton is almost like a human version of a Muppet(this is a compliment,trust me),only ten times sweeter. With her platinum wigs,tendancy towards glittery outfits and a personality more bubbly than champagne,Dolly is a true pop culture creation. How many other entertainers out there have their very own themepark named after them? Her forays into movie acting have been a mixed bag but the film 9 to 5 is still considered one of the best office worker comedies around. Her theme song for the film is right up there with Donna Summers' "She Works Hard (for the money)" as a working
women's anthem:


Before Olivia Newton-John got all Greased up and found her way to Xanadu,she had a few hit songs on the country charts. One of the best known ones is this sad little ditty that has her begging a fella not to play a certain tune on the jukebox:


Even I can't resist the juggernaut that is Shania. Gotta admit that she's at her best when she gets in sassy mode with her songs. Bonus points for rocking the leopard print suit there,without looking tacky:


When the Sissy Spacek biopic of Loretta Lynn was released,I was abit of a Lynn head for awhile. I even read Loretta's autobiography and thought she was one of the coolest people on earth. She still is pretty cool and the classic title tune is still an all time favorite,even to non-country fans:

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