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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Shear Genius has a blonde moment,Bloodties and American Idol is now a Sanjaya-free zone!

The Short Cut challenge on Shear Genius this week had the stylists taking manniquin heads with black hair and turning them into blondes(level 8,to be precise)within two hours. Anyone who has even attempted highlights knows the difficulty of this feat but it was somewhat possible. Tabatha won the SC and didn't swear once during it(she still dresses ubergoth,tho). That gave her first pick of model in the elimination challenge,which was to create a Celebrity Dream hairstyle for a client,making it suitable and flattering to that person.

Atleast two of the stylists got hung up on trying to duplicate the platinium blonde locks of the celebs their clients wanted and didn't really style the hair in front of them. Daisy kept rattling on so much to her client about how hard it would be to give Christina Aguilera hair(she was hoping to give her a Marcia Cross look,which the final product resembled)that she barely had time to do the color. Jim's model wanted Gwen Stefani and her hair came out a carroty orange flopmop. He didn't style it at all,which is what a Gwen Stefani look is,the styling. Jim wound up turning in his scissors at the end(I like Jaclyn Smith's send-off line"You've made your final cut". Not bad,beats that lame Adler line from Top Design).

Anthony was the big winner here,with his Carmen Electra look that flattered his model client nicely. It's too soon to pick someone to root for at this point but I was impressed by Dr. Boogie,who during the Short Cut challenge made his model head a bright blue and yet figured out how to get it back to a respectable blonde. Quite a comeback there! The only stylist who truly annoys me is Lacey,she just seems real dippy to me.

We have a cliffhanger on Bloodties this week,as Mike lets his jealousy get the best of him by setting up Henry to be snagged by not-so-good guy Mendoza(Julian Sands). Let me get this straight,Mike,you've been tracking vampire murders to get the goods on Henry,going back over fifty years yet some mysterious man pops up,claiming to "work for the church" and needs you to slap a nasty medallion on Henry's chest and you don't even make a phone call to vertify his ID? Great detective work there,buddy! No wonder that you still need to consult Vicki on your cases:

I like it that Henry isn't all Angel-angsty about his vampire kills,but does seem to care about people despite what he says. Also,Coreen's gung-ho attitude towards her work is fun but I wonder where that's going to lead her later on. This show is no Buffy but I'm having a good time with it,nonetheless.

Speaking of good times,Sanjaya has finally sung his Song of Shame and will no longer torture us with his horrifying hair styles,YEAH! Thank TPTB,because after his butchering of Bonnie Raitt's "Something To Talk About",I wanted to talk about buying earplugs for the next show. He so ruined the song,it was like listening to an eunuch. Let's do a last compare and contrast of Sanjaya and His Amazing Head of Hair:



Country Night wasn't too bad,especially for my ladies. LaKisha being in the Bottom Three worried me(I didn't think she was screaming towards the end of her song)but thank goodness,the voters kept her in.




Random Notes

America's Next Top Model: I've been watching ANTM steady for the past few weeks and it seems to me that Natasha is becoming a major contender in this competition. Last night in the CoverGirl commericial challenge,she was the only one to do well and pull off a decent Aussie accent(quite a trick for someone whose english is still a little creaky)to boot! Her photo shoots have improved too and even with her mini drama attacks,she doesn't let that get in the way of her work.

Brittany's whimpering over her short term memory probelm got to be truly grating. If you have something like that to deal with in your life,you have to find a way to make that adjustment work for and not against you. As Miss J said,there is no sympathy or empathy in the real world for that(oh,and The Soup should be thrilled with that whole Tyra in the kangaroo suit bit-makes up for the loss of Sanjaya there,I hope).

Smallville: Finally,some new episode goodness and the good news is that we've got a Wonder Woman sighting! Lynda Carter guest stars as Chloe's mom,Moira,who has some meteor freak powers that attract the attention of Lex. Oh,that Luthor boy,what hijinks will he get into next?


Pop Culture Diva said...

I came across Sheer Genius by accident last night. I caught the second half but see myself watching it regularly.

ANTM has yet to reward the edgy girl. Jael is a mess but she was such an individual that you rooted for her. I'd love to see one of the alternative models win. I'm calling Brittany as a finalist. The Russian mail order bride and the bi-polar mom from Hawaii will be with her.

Robin Brande said...

Thanks for reminding me to watch (and therefore get hooked on) Sheer Genius. Curses! It sounds so good!

lady t said...

Bravo should give me commission for getting people to watch their shows here,don't you ladies think? Or atleast a free towel:)