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Monday, April 09, 2007

The Top Ten Things That I Learned at The Grindhouse

While the Tarantino/Rodriguez double feature Grindhouse didn't rule the box office roost this weekend(never underestimate the power of Will Ferrell on skates),atleast it made more do-re-mi than The Reaping and is in the top five. The movie was still a good time had by all and perhaps will climb even higher on the charts. It'll definately be a must-own DVD,that's for sure.

So,without further ado,here are a few of the life lessons that you can learn from Planet Terror,Death Proof and the various coming attractions showcased only at the
Grindhouse(viewer discretion is advised):

10) It's go-go,not cry-cry!

9) Someday,we'll all find a use for our useless talents.

8) If you hire Machete to kill the bad guys,make damn sure the bad guy isn't you!

7) Let me tell you about my needle friends;the yellow one is to make you numb. The blue one is to take the sting away and by the time you get to the red,you'll never see me again.

6) A machine gun leg comes in real handy when you need to clear a path for your fellow survivors to get aboard the escape helicopter.

5) If you're thinking of seeing the move Don't alone.....DON"T!!!!!!!!!

4)This Thanksgiving,come home for the holidays...in a body bag!

3)Never confuse a Kiwi with an Aussie,unless you want your ass kicked.

2) Do you know what happens to motherf**kers who carry knives? They get shot!

1) This car is a hundred percent death proof,only to get the benefit of it,honey,you really need to be sitting in his seat!


Robin Brande said...

I was wondering what you'd think of it.

So are you saying you really, really loved it? Because you are, you know, our official movie taster.

lady t said...

Yes,I really loved it:) It was great goreshow fun,with laughs and surprises along the way. I'm sure Blades of Glory is fun,too but I was hoping that Grindhouse would be alittle higher up on the box office list.

Offical book and now,movie taster,good gig. Do you think I'll need separate T shirts/badges for this or can all of my titles fit one format? Inquring minds want to know:D

Robin Brande said...

Yes, I believe every separate job title requires a separate t-shirt. Otherwise, what's the point?