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Friday, May 04, 2007

Gilmore Girls:where they lead,we followed.

Gilmore Girls is officially no more. The CW announced that this would be the last season of the show,due to not being able to strike a deal with Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel for a 13 episode run for an eighth season. The final episode will be shown on May 15th. In some ways,I really can't blame them. Both ladies have been together for seven years now and naturally want to move to other things.

I came to this show late,after catching the Gilmore vibe from ABC Family reruns. Even with American Idol competing in their time slot,I still managed to keep abreast on the happenings in Stars Hollow(thank you,YouTube and TWOP). Perhaps it was best that I discovered GG when I did,it really helped me get thru a low point in my life and while things are still sorting themselves out,Lorelai and Rory have had me keep the faith that even if life is tossing lemons at you hard enough to bruise your skin,it'll be just than much easier to whip up some killer lemonade,with them already being squished.

To honor their passing,let's look at some of my favorite GG people and places:


If you going to have wealthy but interfering grandparents,Richard and Emily Gilmore are the best. A more suited couple is difficult to find,with their balance of wit,taste and determination to see the world thru a very different set of eyes than their daughter or granddaughter. It's also very sweet to see them in flirty mode,as in this clip from Season Three,where on a trip to Yale,many romantic memories are revealed:


Rory's Best Friend #1(I'll get to number two next)who shares with Lorelai a love-fear relationship with her mother,the formidable Mrs. Kim. I know there's supposed to be a Mr. Kim but since we never see or hear from him,for all intents and purposes Lane has been raised by a single parent. Despite her mom issues,Lane has managed to become her own person and followed her own path towards the music she so loves. Even when she's on the outs with someone she cares about,Lane remains loyal and territoral as in this clip when she confronts her mom's new boarder:


Rory's Best Friend the Second(to avoid any bad bathroom jokes),Paris Geller is one gal that's hard to like but after awhile,she grows on you. Even with her rapid fire verbal attacks and rigid agressiveness,she can come thru in a pinch. Here's a good exmaple of her unexpected friendliness,as she covers for Rory after Dean spots her with Jess. Rory may not be able to truly define their relationship but she knows a pal when she sees one:


One of the charms of Stars Hollow life are the town meetings,run by the living-in-the 1950's town selectman,Taylor Doosie. Everyone gets a chance to showcase the wacky at these get togethers and a good example came about this season,with the Hay Bale Maze episode. Kirk is present as part of the presentation:


A major league staple of the show is the Friday Night Dinner,always held at the elder Gilmores' home,where maids are rountinely fired and some of the most memorable quip fests take place. Lorelai and Emily always sparred best at Friday Night Dinner and here in this clip,Emily defends the origin of her friend's nickname:


One of my favorite characters on GG is Sookie,the sweet but slightly insane about her cooking prowess BFF of Lorelai. Her sunny nature belies a fiery temper,which flares up delightful in this bit where Sookie takes on Norman Mailer himself,who insists on only ordering iced tea from the Dragonfly Inn's kitchen:


The big love story in the making,and the one that I hope gets resolved by the end of the series. The two of them have been a long time coming and after the forced separation they went thru this season and part of last,we gotta see those two crazy kids make it work. This week on the show,Lorelai got a chance to reveal her devotation to Luke,in an impromptu karaoke number:

Coming out this month is a collection of GG essays called Coffee at Luke's,which I will be reviewing as soon as my copy arrives in the mail. The book was scheduled for May and now I think it will be even more timely,with the cancellation of Gilmore Girls. Even tho my time in Stars Hollow was brief,it was well worth the trip. Gilmore Girls will still be in syndication and some day,I'll treat myself to the DVDs.

In the meantime,I hope to join the chorus of GG fans in song as we all wish the cast and crew of this wondeful show well in whatever path they take now. Where they lead,we followed anywhere that they told us to:

Opening Credits seasons one to six:

Season Seven Opening credits:

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