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Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Hard Part for Heroes,Lakisha leaves Idol and Shear Genius goes back in time

Shear Genius' shortcut challenge this week was to do a makeover on men,with Christophe himself as the judge. The stylists were nervous,due to not knowing who their clients were at first and by the word "trim" mentioned in the set-up note left for them. Tabatha was convinced that they were going to have to trim dogs and swore she would walk out if that was the case(and I believe she would've,too)but since her client was just a young guy wanting his Hanson hair made into something that would get him a girlfriend,she was spared.

Tabatha wound up winning the challenge and was given first pick of style for the elimination challenge,which was to create a hairstyle from a specific time period. Tabatha chose 80's punk rock for herself and then got to assign the other looks to the rest of the group. Everyone was given a hatbox with hairpieces that matched their era and internet time to do a little online research. Tyson was given Elizabethan on purpose,since Tabatha and her cohorts noticed how much trouble he has doing up sweeps(she really has it in for him). It surprised me that some of the stylists had no clue about their eras. Maybe it's just me,but some things just should be common knowledge. I'm not a big hairstyling person but even I know about hairbobs from the twenties.

Tabatha's plot against Tyson backfired,as he managed to make a decent Elizabethan hairstyle and was declared the winner. I was more of a fan of Daisy's Victorian look and Dr. Boogie's Medieval braids seemed very Excalibur to me,but that's the way the judges went. Tabatha's multi-color mohawk was impressive and very much in the mode of the period,but the guest judge thought it was boring and predictable.

Danna's 1940s look was unpredictable and amazingly boring,which is why she was sent home. She said that she"blanked" when it came to figuring out a style for that decade. Are you kidding me?! Just name a few of the actresses of that time-Joan Crawford,Bette Davis,Veronica Lake,Lauren Bacall-and you have several different looks right there! Eerily enough,Dr. Boogie predicted her loss,by mentioning before the judging that everyone who wound up on the Nexxus Wall of Fame has,so far,been eliminated. Dr. Boogie knows,people,he knows!

Heroes is getting down to the wire,as folks are gathering in NYC for the big showdown. I can understand why Hiro hesitated to take Sylar out,especially at his mother's house(Ellen Greene was awesome). However,it soon became obvious that someone had to stop Sylar who even when trying to innocently dazzle mom with his indoor snowglobe trick,couldn't help but turn nasty:

One thing I don't get is why Peter felt the need to find Ted and have Claire be ready to pop Peter in the head,in case he couldn't handle absorbing Ted's radioactive powers. Wouldn't it be sensible to eliminate Ted,before either Peter or Sylar(who has a clue about that now,after chewing on Isaac's painter prophet brain)can get ahold of his glow in the dark abilities? I know that sounds mean and yes,Ted's been thru alot but come on,he's pretty much a hairtrigger away from nuking the planet there,with that temper of his! That's just my two cents on that.

Lakisha had to sing the Song of Shame this week on American Idol and the real shame of it is that she lost out to Blake,who turned both of the BeeGees songs that he picked into small slices of audio torture. Blake truly earned the Sanjaya award and I guess he now shares the Teflon shield of protection against being voted off at the moment. Since it was two-for-one night on Idol,I'm just posting what I consider to be the best(or in Blake's case,worst)performance for each contestant. Jordin was the strongest singer that night,despite Simon ragging on her for being "old fashioned" in her rendition of "Woman in Love". That's how the song is supposed to sound,Simon!






Random Notes:

TAR/All Stars: Eric and Danielle were the winners of The Race,which was disappointing for those of us who were rooting for Charla and Mirna,but atleast it wasn't the Beauty Queens,so it's all good. Charla and Mirna did have a great lead going there for awhile,by lucking out on finding a good airline flight and getting to the early clues quickly. However,the daunting physical task of rowing out to the shipwreck in Hawaii and the later breaking the code bit took the wind out of their sails. Oh,well,they did win some prizes along the way.

Veronica Mars: This week's episode was much better,partly due to Paul Rudd's guest appearance as a former rock star of a band called My Pretty Pony(sounds very Music and Lyrics there,doesn't it?). It was also great having goofy archrival Vinnie Van Lowe show up and with that doofus throwing his hat in the ring against Keith for Sheriff,we should be in for some fun. Phiz got alot of facetime this week,not only due to his maybe,maybe not romance with Veronica(come on,girl-give him a chance!) but to escorting Paul Rudd around Neptune as well:

Ugly Betty: The Medieval Times-esque restaurant was pretty cool and how sweet was it of Henry to defend her honor? Not to mention that he declared his love before passing out? I know Christine is right about him thinking that being with Charlie is the right thing to do,but Betty is his true soulmate. Darn this need to stretch out plot points,darn!


Pop Culture Diva said...

I missed Shear Genius. i'll have to catch the repeat over the weekend. Sylar is crazy as hell. He drove those scissors into her heart.

lady t said...

I hear you,PCD-the creepiest part was when Sylar was painting a picture of the future in his mother's blood!
EWWWWWW to the tenth power!

Jake McCafferty said...

Sorry, I've been a bad blog friend and haven't visited of late. I've barely had time to post myself, but no excuse.

Why does Barry Gibb now sound like Sean Connery? Is he suddenly Scottish, or has he had too much face work done that he speaks differently? Maybe those are (gasp) dentures.

But he is great. I don't watch American Idol, but I can't imagine any of them being able to pull off a Bee Gees song. Very difficult.

I hope all is well with the Lady T.

lady t said...

Aw,don't worry there,Jake-you're always a blog buddy in good standing around here:) Besides,I haven't posted alot of replies at your end of the woods either.

I know what you mean about Barry Gibb-to me,he sounded like Johnny Depp from the Pirates of the Carribean movies"You will always remember the day...". Dentures wouldn't really explain it;both of my parents had and have false teeth and neither of them spoke like that.