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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

More Movie Poster Madness

With Spiderman 3 knocking the socks off of the folks in Accounting,techically the Summer Movie season is now underway. However,there are still plenty of other movies out there battling for the big bucks and even the sure bets are hedging theirs. So,let's take another look at more movie posters that are begging for your attention as you hang out in the theater lobby:


We have two takes on this movie shown here,one that clearly mimics the early ads for the 40 Year Old Virgin(the same fellas who put that together worked on this one) and the other seems to be aimed at the date movie crowd. Personally,I'm not that interested in Knocked Up,it really looks like it's trying way too hard to be as cool as it's Virgin big brother.

If I had to pick one over the other,I'd go with the close-up of Seth Rogan's face. It may be a knock-off but that waiting room picture is so generic that it would fit right in a doctor's office. Also, Katherine Heigl airbrushed expression suggests that she's really waiting to audition for a Grey Anatomy's spin-off rather than to find out how her baby's doing.


This is another summer comedy that I have no major desire to see onscreen and apparently Adam Sandler could care less,by the bored look splattered across his puss! What is it with the dull faces,people? If I want to see tired and weary expressions,I can go wait on line at the DMV. Kevin James' screaming mimi isn't any better-he looks like it just dawned on him that if this movie flops,there's no more King of Queens to fall back on.


This poster has become abit controversal,due to some of the prints that enhanced Hermoine's bosom in a Wonder Bra like fashion. *Sigh* Why do they have to do that for? Bad enough that there are all sorts of slash fiction putting the poor girl thru all of sorts of sexual manuevers that would make Jenna Jamison blush,now some joker thinks Hermoine needs to get all tarted up this time around?! Good thing I don't have access to magical powers,otherwise there would be many more rats running around Hollywood that there are now!


Yep, the cartoon canine has been given the greenlight and CGI treatment for his feature film debut. Another quiant childhood memory gets stomped on,folks. They must've known this was a bad idea since it's coming out in August(Bad Movie Month). The poster doesn't give me much hope...no need to fear? Oh,there's plenty to shudder at. This might make those recent Scooby-Doo flicks look like Fellini films.


I've had a bad feeling about this movie ever since I saw the trailer,and this poster further boosts my ill tidings. W.C. Fields' line about working with kids and animals is alive and well here-talk about being upstaged! Can you even recognize Steve Carell in this picture? For all you know,that could be a Charlton Heston impersonator perched up on that elephant there! I'm definately going to pass on seeing this one in theaters.


Now this is nice...cute,colorful and a clever way to put all of the major players togther without looking overcrowded. The design is a tad Brady Bunch but in a good way. I liked the original Hairspray with Divine and am not sure about John Travolta filling out those shoes with a fat suit. In the plus column,John Waters himself approves of this and if Justin from Ugly Betty can sing all of the songs by heart,who am I to rain on this parade?


Kevin Costner's new movie has him playing a serial killer trying to cut back on his slaughter spree,only to have Dane Cook blackmail him into being his mentor in Murder That You Can Get Away With. I don't know if this will slide Costner further down in his career slump or give him a much needed revival,but the poster is not bad. Not bad at all. It does look a bit stiff,in a marionette sort of way but the cut-out piece being removed from his eye has that "breaking out of the box" motiff which is not insulting in it's obviousness. Might be worth a shot.

Okay,folks,that is all for now. Keep an eye for these films and let's see what they will do when it's their time to shine,or in some cases,stink up the place.

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