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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

This Memorial Day Weekend,open a Golden Door at your local theater

With the first big holiday weekend of the summer movie season about to come upon us,most of the high expectations for box office success will be for those Pirates of the Carribean lot. That's all well and good,but what if you just want a nice little movie to curl up with? Something that's sweet and thoughtful,but not too bland or tv movie-ish?

I haven't seen Golden Door,but it looks like it might fit the bill. GD is the story of Salatore Mancuso,a widowed Sicilian in the early part of the twentieth century,who decides to take what's left of his family to America for a better life. On board,he meets up with Lucy(Charlotte Gainsbourg),an English woman with a mysterious past:

Lucy needs to get married,to make her transition to the States a bit smoother and asks Salvatore for help. She honestly tells him that her reasons are not romantic but nothing else beyond that:

Even with this plan for a marriage of convience,it's still tricky to get thru all of the hoops that have to be jumped at Ellis Island,like this intelligence test that Lucy is asked to perform:

They also have to convince the authorities that they are already husband and wife and Salvatore's language limits could hold up the works even further:

With the current debate over immigration going on, Golden Door could give us an interesting perspective on just how far we've come and still have to go in that department. The film has already won the Silver Lion award in Venice and has been recently shown at the Tribeca Film Festival. GD will be out in limited release on May 25,and if you happen to find it playing at a theater near you,it may be worth your while to check it out. You can find out more about it by clicking the title link above to visit the official movie website. Golden Door looks to be one of those sweet sleeper hits that lucky folks get to find and share with each other during the hot and hazy craze of big blockbuster films clamoring for your attention. It could be a lovely little oasis to cool off with this weekend:

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