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Friday, July 20, 2007

The FInal Countdown For Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Today is the day for all of us happy Harry Potter fans;by midnight tonight,many of us will clutching our copy of Deathly Hallows and woe be to anyone who tries to stop us from reading as much as possible before the need for sleep takes over.

While there will be folks attending various HP parties,ranging from adults to pre-teens,a good number of Potter fans will be simply waiting for the doorbell to ring as our copy will be sent by mail(and if my book isn't here by Saturday,heads will roll!*clears throat*But hopefully,it won't come to that). For those of us unable to get down and boogie with our wizarding brethren,I decided to throw a little blog bash of my own. True,I won't be able to showcase live acts but then again,I won't run the risk of having a really bad magician ruining things for me either:

So,let's get this party started,with a rollicking number from the wizard rock tribute band known as Harry and the Potters. These fellas have been celebrating their love of the Rowlingverse with their great and witty tunes based on the books for quite a few years. Here,they remind everyone that "Voldemort Can't Stop The Rock":

Alas,every hero must have a villian to face and Harry and the Potters are no exception. Here's a fan made video that features a hauntingly familiar tune from Draco and the Malfoys called "99 Death Eaters":

Now for a puppet show! The Potter Puppet Pals present a cute little singalong in "The Mysterious Ticking Noise." By the way,this is not meant for kids-the dark humor here is all about the grown-ups:

More adult humor abounds in this combo parody of '70's sitcoms and Pottermania,with Ahmed Best(who played Jar-Jar in the Star Wars prequels)doing a great Freddy"Boom-Boom" Washington impresssion to "Welcome Back,Potter.":

What is kid friendly is this bit from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets,where not only do Harry and Draco get to duel each other but Snape gets in a great spell shot at the pompous Gilderoy Lockhart(well played by Kenneth Bragnagh)as well. Harry's public display of Parselmouth is one of the most delightfully eerie moments of the movie:

And for the finale,this beginning of the term choral number from The Goblet of Fire is a good send-off,with it's clever Shakespearean blend of lyrical foreshadowing:

Happy reading,folks and have a great wizarding weekend!


Julia Stewart said...

Wondering what you made of it all.... hope nothing was ruined for you. Felt a bit long for my taste!

lady t said...

I'll be posting about HP7 today(keeping my review spoiler free for those still reading the book),Julia,and it's safe to say that none of the advanced rumors ruined it for me at all:)