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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Open Letter to the determined Harry Potter party poopers

Dear Spoilsports,

You think you've won,haven't you?

I didn't expect to write about this topic again,but with the latest act of literary sabotage hitting the internet just a few days away from the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows,I feel that I must stand up to this blatant bullying.

I'm talking about the "alleged" copies of the final Potter book that have been photographed page by page,with a laundry list of content info,chapter headings,etc. Yes, I saw the spoiler items which you were so eager to hand out and yes,I didn't have to look at them at all. I freely confess to my own curiosity leading me down the garden path. I didn't have,but I did.

And you know what?

You haven't ruined anything for me at all. If anything,I am now more determined to read the book and will enjoy it to the utmost,knowing that folks like you just can't stand to see other people having a good time that doesn't measure up to your cool requirements.

Even if every claim made from this new source is one hundred percent true(and if this is an elaborate hoax,my response is a raised eyebrow with the comment"And you think I need a life?"),do you really think that all of the adults-who,let's face it,are the real targets here-who have been reading this series for several years now,will stumble across your open paged copy and go"Oh,no! I must cancel my order right away! There's no need to read Deathly Hallows anymore,or talk about it online. I'll just crawl back into my parent's basement."? Not going to happen,gang.

Nope,instead I'm going to take pleasure in persisting to enjoy my geekdom. Yes,I said geekdom. Geek is not the worst name in the world to be called and while there are those who carry their freak flag alittle too high,I'm not going to hide what I am. I am a geek and proud of it,buddy!

I've seen all of the movies(and own the first four on DVD),have a couple of the dolls(Snape and Hermione),and several other posters and offically tied-in Harry Potter goodies. I've dressed up as one of the characters for Halloween(Professor McGonagall) and yes, I'm an adult over 21. If you think that's sad,I really don't care. I find it sad that you have this need to go out of your way to trash someone else's fun to make yourself feel superior.

I know that some of you will try to crash the book release parties this Friday to further spoil things for folks who will be waiting in line,perhaps even in costume.My advice to my fellow geeks is this:bring some headphones(Ipod,CD player,etc) and keep them on if they shout spoilers at you. Ignore their cardboard signs by bringing a book to read while you wait(perhaps a copy of one of the earlier Potter books). Don't give them any power over you and that will be your true victory.

Walk tall and keep your eyes on the prize. Imagine yourself as a strong,confident fictional hero or heroine. For example,I'm Emily Gilmore,making four green beans last an hour and a half to keep my annoying mother-in-law from getting me down. I'm Buffy Summers,ready to face off on any Big Bad around. I'm Beatrix Kiddo,with my Hanzo sword about to confront O-ren and the Crazy 88:

Am I going overboard here? A tad,but it is annoying that some people insist upon stomping on the excitement of anticipation that others hold dear. The kind of people who would pop a little kid's balloon,just to see him or her cry. Of course,you don't care about ruining it for the kids,I know,but can you see how your maturity level is not that much higher than a fifth-grader? I hope you can.

Anyway,have your fun while it lasts. Eventually,you will have to find another target for your scorn or some puppies to kick around. Just remember this,throw all the rain you want on our parade but we have plenty of umbrellas to spare and share. You're the ones who'll be left out in the damp and cold.


Lady T and the rest of Dumbledore's Army


Julia Stewart said...

I just read and watch your previous post with the video of the guy ruining the ending to Half Blood Prince... What a coward! I thought he would at least be a man and walk up and tell people to their face... but no he just yelled out a plot point and drove off. Interestingly he didn't seem to have any reason for ruining it. And in order to ruin it, wouldn't he himself have to read the book? I also find that the same feeling he gets from telling people and watching their reaction is not very different from the feeling that they have when they read the book and then they are surprised. How sad that people like him are so insecure and ashamed of themsleves that they have to take it out on others...

lady t said...

You said it,Julia! Like the old saying goes,we're rubber and they're glue-whatever they say bounces off of us and stick to them,woo-hoo!(had to make a rhyme there)