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Monday, July 16, 2007

The Top Ten Things I Learned From Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix

I not only got to see the new Harry Potter film,Order of the Phoenix,but I was fortunate enough to watch it in IMAX 3D. I've experienced 3D before,with the cardboard red and blue glasses,but that was on the level of cavemen rubbing two sticks together compared to the sleek,wraparound goggles that added extra oomph to the major magic fight scenes(no spoilers here,folks!).

The best way to describe what IMAX 3D feels like is to remind you of that scene in Batman Forever,where the Riddler shows off his TV brain wave feeding device in Two Face's lair,using the double trouble man's own hench wenchs as somewhat willing donors:

Even without the extra special viewing experience,OOTP was a pretty good film on it's own merits. Yes,many things and certain plot points were changed or left out but all of the important themes and moments were kept in. Imelda Staunton made an excellant Umbridge,Luna Lovegood was touching and strange and I'm glad that David Yates will also be directing Half Blood Prince,based on his work here. So,without further ado,here is my Top Ten list of knowledge gained from this year at Hogwarts onscreen:

10) You may not like him but, you have to admit,Dumbledore's got style.

9) Pink can be a very scary color when in the wrong hands.

8) The world is not split into good people and Death Eaters:

7) Fireworks can really help you go out with a bang.

6) Mistletoe is ripe with nargles.

5) The Room of Requirement can provide you with anything you urgently need,even a toilet.

4) The name on the paper says "Dumbledore's Army",not "Potter's Army"!

3) A prophecy should not be handled over lightly:

2) A full body Patronus is the most difficult to produce:

1) It isn't how you are alike,it is how you are not!

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