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Monday, September 17, 2007

High tea with Philippa Gregory and low energy at the Emmys

As I mentioned last week,Philippa Gregory held a webcast on Sunday that allowed for some Q&A from online viewers as well as the fortunate folks who attended her talk in person. I was able to tune in just fine and even had my question answered live. My fangirl cup runneth over with joy at that moment.

Gregory was asked about a myriad of things such as "Would you ever write a book of American historical fiction?"(no,she got into American history slightly for one book,The Virgin Earth,but doesn't really feel comfortable or knowledgable enough about it to do a whole novel on the subject)"If you had the chance to go back to the Tudor period(in England),who would you be?"(Henry the Eighth,since women had no power or say over their lives back then. At one point,she advised ladies that if they wished to time travel in reverse,to not go beyond 1920)and "Which of your books is your favorite?"(Like many authors,it's her most current one,The Boleyn Inheritance).

My query had to do with her upcoming book about Mary,Queen of Scots,which will be titled "The Other Queen" and due out in 2008. Gregory mentioned that she'd been avoiding Mary since she's one of those highly touted historical figures that most folk expect her to cover(she compared her reluctance to having a checklist of animals that you look to see on safari-elephant,lion,"hippo in the water")but found a way to make a take on the infamous queen her own.

She also talked a little about being a technical advisor for the big screen version of The Other Boleyn Girl and that two more of her books are up for film adaptations. The Boleyn Inheritance is being optioned by the company putting out TOBG and The Queen's Fool will be a four part miniseries in the US.

I can't speak for everyone involved but it did seem like a good time had by all. For those who were not able to catch the web event,these video clips should give you a taste of what it was like to have been a part of her audience:




It's a shame that my evening entertainment didn't quite measure up to the pleasant time spent with Philippa Gregory earlier in the day. Watching the Emmys last night strongly reminded me of why I usually avoid this award show like the plague. Congrats to America Ferrara for her Ugly Betty win,of course,but beyond that and a few comedy bits(some more successful than others),the show was as dull as dishwater.

You know you're watching an awful awards show when a potential catfight on a crappy crassfest like Rock of Love is way more interesting that who wins Best whatever. Hey,channel surfing during the commericals is a tradition at my house,okay?!

Also,note to Vanessa Williams:what were you thinking when you selected that feathery Muppet pelt of a dress? Wilhemina Slater would so snub you for that fashion faux pas.

And what does it take to get Emmy voters to give an award to someone who either hasn't won one several times before(did Sally Field snort a bag of sugar before the show,seriously?) or to someone who really is new and excitingly creative(James Spader does NOT count!)on the TV scene? Get them all drunk on schnappes before they cast their ballots?

Plus,several catagories were clogged with multiple nominees from one or two shows(Desperate Housewives,Grey's Anatomy,The Sopranos)-look,give each show a two person limit there,okay? Stop being mentally lazy and give someone else a chance to atleast get a foot in the door!

Maybe someday in the distant future, someone will give the Emmys a serious overhaul and make it a truly worthy celebration of the art of television. Perhaps it might even happen alittle like this(just substitute "Emmy" for "Christmas" in this song and you'll get what I mean):

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