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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

It's September and you know what that means:time for the MTV Video Awards!

Just like clockwork,MTV will be handing out their Moonmen to what they consider to be the best videos and artists of the year. The show will be held in Vegas this time out(what is it with Vegas chic all of a sudden? First Design Star goes there,CBS is launching a new fall show called Viva Laughlin and now MTV sets up shop. What gives?). There's no set host for the evening's events and a bunch of interactive stuff but what folks are really watching for(besides the chance of a live celebrity faux pau)is the music.

Let's look at some of the nominees and new catagories to see what's what:

MONSTER SINGLE OF THE YEAR: This seems to be a new catagory this year and there are TEN nominees for it! Not four,not five,but ten! That's ridiculous-why not hand out those little "runner-up" trophies they give to kids at sporting events just for showing up? Come on,people-set some standards! You should have a minimum of five nominees for any award show catagory(that includes the Oscars,too!).

Out of all these songs,I would have to choose Chris Daughtry's "Home" as my favorite. He's had a pretty good post AI career so far and best of luck to him:

MOST EARTHSHATTERING COLLABORATION: Is it just me or do some of these catagory titles have some seriously inflated egos here? There's "Monster Singles" and "Quadruple Threat of the Year" and now this deal. Whatever happened to modesty? Is it too unhip to have a simple name like "Best Combo" or "Best Collaboration"?

My personal pick would be "Sweet Escape"-Gwen Stefani & Akon really hit it off musically with this toe tappper of a tune:


I'm not that big of a music person,so I consulted my inhouse expert,(my younger sister)who chose Justice's "D.A.N.C.E" as the best of the lot here. Normally we disagree on this subject-she's into French house music and such-but I have to admit that this is a very creative and uniquely entertaining video. That of course means that it probaly won't win. Too bad,but it's got a good beat that you can dance to:


One of the nominees here is Carrie Underwood,which puzzles me. How is she considered a "new" artist,when she's been on the front page of the music scene for quite awhile now? Lily Allen's much more factory fresh than Carrie is,as far as I know. Amy Winehouse will most likely get a win here and good for her,she totally deserves it. With that in mind,let me give a shout out to "Young Folks" by Peter,Bjorn and John. This song is retro in the best sense and the video would fit right in on Adult Swim:


I've actually seen several of the videos up for this one and while I totally dig Gym Class Heroes "Cupid's Chokehold" and Fall Out Boy's "This Ain't A Scene...",the one that should really take the prize is "Icky Thump" by the White Stripes. Both the video and the song have a really wacked out Hunter S. Thompson vibe to them that makes the music stand out like a snappy sore thumb. Sometimes,you need to groove to the weird,you know?:

Well,let's tune it on Sunday and see what sort of wackiness ensues. Britney Spears is rumored to be performing with Criss Angel and if that happens,I don't what I'll do first,laugh or cry. Either way,there should be something to talk about afterwards.

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Pop Culture Diva said...

The Carrie Underwood is a head scratcher. I look forward to seeing the show. I've watched them forever (at least it seems that way).