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Thursday, October 18, 2007

BloodTies is back,Heroes heats up and Reaper starts to settle in

Heroes put the Hiro Back in Time/Peter Petrelli-Bourne Identity plotlines on hold this week to give us a shaved Nathan,more of Claire and her flyboy West and an introduction to Micah's cousin Monica,whose ability is to be able to imitate anything she sees on TV which comes in handy during an attempted robbery at work. Talk about your ultimate Fast Learner!:

We also caught up with Wonder Twins Maya and Alejando as they run into Sylar,of all people,and Maya winds up falling under his spell. Credit goes to her brother for having the sense to be somewhat suspicious of their new traveling companion but I'm afraid that the two of them might not realize that even tho Sylar's not up to eating brains at the moment,he is still very capable and willing to bash them out,rather late in the game:

And to cap the episode off,Matt and Mohinder do some digging into who might be pulling a Ten Little Indians on the Original Gang of 12 heroes,only to discover that Molly's "Nightmare Man" is Matt's rolling stone of a papa. Since Molly tracked the elder Parkman down to Philly before she got trapped in the windmill of her mind,perhaps Matt and Mohinder might consider recruiting "Day Man" to help them on their quest,since he is the official "fighter of the Night(mare)Man". Next week,Kristen Bell makes her debut and is desparately seeking Peter Petrelli-so looking forward to that!

Blood Ties has returned to Lifetime,now being shown on Friday nights at 11(some subtle competition for Moonlight there,perhaps?). The opening episode was pretty good,with Vicki having to help an undercover cop find out why he's suddenly a ghost while his body is up and running with a couple of street gangs. Tomorrow's show is all about a shape shifting demon who prefers to take animal form,which is cool,but I would like to see some more vampire action this season. Maybe an old blood sucking babe from Henry's past or a former drinking buddy who'd like to sink his teeth into Vicki(which would really piss off Mike). Just a suggestion,there,writers!

Reaper is becoming a show that I really like,especially with Ray Wise playing the Devil as a friendly evil uncle type there. This week,Sam had to send a murderous magician back to Hell(which he deserved for his lame Criss Angel outfit)and is starting to be proactive in his dealings with Satan by demanding to see the contract that his parents signed,granting his soul over to an eternal civil service job.

I hope they keep that plotline up,since the whole "Sam wants Andi as a girlfriend but doesn't want to tell her about his other job" deal can get old real fast. The vessels can become a easy punchline as well but the dove that Ben bonded to this time around was an amazing special effect when it sent the Magic Man back,good and scary. Speaking of good and scary,Wise seems to be having a ball here and is able to whip out the menace when necessary-as Mr. Burns would say,"Exxxcelllant!!":

Random Notes

Moonlight: Yep,this show's starting to grow on me and thank you for letting Beth in on the big "I'm a vampire' secret this early in the game. It would be too much of a strain on the series' credibility(not to mention the brain power of the character)to keep her in the dark much longer.

The most unintentionally humorous parts of the show belong to Jason Dohring's Josef who constantly seems to play his role as Logan Echolls in vampire mode. I'm not complaining,his bits are part of the fun here,like in this clip where he and Mick are tasting some nightlife in the 1980's-the line "not while I'm eating!" cracks me up every time:

Smallville: Another Superman steps into the ring tonight,as Dean Cain guest stars as a doctor who Chloe seeks out to help her with her meteor freak status. However,looks like the not so good Doc got his medical degree from Hostel U:

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