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Friday, October 19, 2007

Call me a two dollar costume queen,baby!

With Halloween fast approaching,the mad rush for the perfect costume is getting even more daunting,as the shopping options for grown-ups have increased right along side the legally able to trick or treat young folk. What's even worse,most of the really cool ideas based on pop culture icons,like Ugly Betty(40 bucks just for the poncho!) or Jigsaw($100,for an officially licensed mask),are rather expensive. What is a budget restrained yet lifelong Halloween devotee to do?

Well,folks,have no fear-your pop culture diva is here to give you a few tips on how to whip up a cool,in style costume for less than twenty dollars(cheaper,if you can find some of the stuff you need right at home).


A good way to select a low budget costume is to pick a persona who basically wears civillian style clothing while saving the world. Whether you're into the old school or the new version of the Bionic Woman,atleast you don't have to find a cape or some star spangled bathing suit bottoms! Just put on a pair of jeans and borrow a black leather jacket if you don't have one hanging in your closet.

If you prefer to get all Lindsey Wagner,just slap on a blonde wig and pull that old jogging suit out of the donation pile for Goodwill(make sure the suit is not yellow,otherwise you might be mistaken for the Bride from Kill Bill). The only tricky high tech prop you'll need is a glowing green eye and if you don't have access to an appropriately tinted contact lens,see if you have a pair of 3-D glasses(with cardboard frames)and simply cut it in half. You should probably get rid of the green half's leftover arm and find something sticky to glue the lens over your eye(something temporary and not meant for gluing paper,of course). Check out the makeup options at your local 99 cent store for help.


This is great for a group of friends,who love Halloween but don't have big bucks to spend. If you want to be Earl,just wear a light colored flannel shirt,have some serious bed head and a fake 'stache. Got a buddy with some darker shades of flannel? He can be your Randy! Crab Man just requires a wife beater shirt and for your dates, one gal could be Catalina,if she's brunette,and the other can be Joy,as long as she has blonde hair with a ton of hairspray and some Lee Press On nails.


Now,Buffy is great if you want to embrace the supernatural fun of the holiday and is the queen of casual wear. You will need a few props,such as a stake,cross and a good leather jacket(or any dark one that's not a zip-up). You could be Buffy in Cheerleader mode but you do run the risk of being confused with Claire Bennett from Heroes. Buffy's also worn some pretty cool Halloween outfits herself for those specially themed episodes and if you have a friend that works for a community theater group,you might be able to become 18th Century Buffy,or Red Riding Hood College Buffy.

It's just as easy to become one of the Scoobies-for Willow,some red hair(or a dark wig and pale make-up,if you're Evil Willow)and a nice top,Xander has various options in wardrobe(flannel,Hawaiian shirts,Army fatigues)and if you want to be one of Buffy's vampire dates,some fake fangs and either bleached blonde or dark moussed hair sets you off in style. If you do choose to be Spike,see if you can beg,borrow or sort of steal a duster(that's how Spike got his!).

Another idea and one I actually used in real life,is to just be a vampire slayer. With the final season's spell that triggered all of the potential Chosen Ones in the world, you can be whatever "Blank the Vampire Slayer" you want to be,with the right outfit and props at the ready. If you do want to be particular,Faith only requires a barbed wire arm tat(plenty of temporary ones available)and a funky sleeveless shirt.


Last and debatedly least,contestants on reality shows are the Instant Cup of Soup of celebrities out there on the pop culture playing field and perfect for penny pinching costumes. Want to be a Top Chef or trapped in Hell's Kitchen? Just throw on a chef's hat and carry around a ladle or a whisk( a pitchfork would be good for HK).

Want to be on The Amazing Race? Team up with a friend and lug around backpacks with Travelocity stickers on them. You can unearth that old pirate costume of your brother's and claim to be a lost member of the short lived series,Pirate Master. Project Runway,get some fabric samples and a sewing kit. You can even save money on costumes for your children by dressing them up in old clothes and saying they're part of Kid Nation!

Whatever you ultimately settle on,the important thing is to have fun on Halloween. And if you're still stumped on what to be,just take the advice of Wednesday Addams and go as a homicidal maniac. After all,they look just like everyone else!

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