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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Kristen Bell joins Heroes,A suggestion for the Scream Awards and ANTM's Heather goes face foward

This week on Heroes,we met Elle the Electro Girl who is desparately seeking Peter Petrelli in low places and judging by a comment she made,might be a member of The Company. While many of us are still in mourning for Veronica Mars Season Four,it is great to have Kristen Bell in the cast and a tad amusing to see the former resident of Neptune being able to throw down on the Irish mob in super solo style:


Meanwhile,Matt and Nathan confronted Parkman Sr.,only to be tripped up by the awesome mind games that he used to distract them for his quick getaway(Poppa Parkman reminded me so much of Wormtail from the Harry Potter series),Monica and Micah team up to discover the boundaries of her ability,Mohinder brought a sick Molly to the Company for care and discovered Nikki as a willing prisoner and Peter tapped into his talent for prophecy painting.

My only complaint is that the Ando Reading The Mini Scroll-Postcards of Hiro's Excellant Adventure in Ancient Times scenes seemed to just shoehorn in that particular plotline this week. I know it's hard to keep all of the strings in motion when you have a literally far flung cast of characters(and a budget to adhere to) but please don't stretch this thread out too far or it's gonna snap. Next week,more of Sylar,which always makes my heart sing(wonder if Elle was called off the Petrelli retrieval to hunt Sylar down? They must've realized that he's flown the coop by now).

On ANTM this week,Heather was finally able to give the judges a full facial in her photo shoot,which pleased them very much. The theme was recycling and Heather's pose amongst aluminium cans was one of the better pictures taken. She had a really good week,as her team won the PSA challenge and Heather was randomly selected to have a photo shoot for Carol's Daughter(the beauty product sponsor this go-around)art directed by Mary J. Blige with Matthew Rolston as the photographer. Not too shabby there,Sweetie!

Heather was also voted Cover Girl of the Week,for about the third time in a row. She's really become a fan favorite,due in part to her not being whiny about her photo performances(she does get down but not out) and not being bitchy to the others in the house. Bianca is starting to take notice of Heather's many sucessfull strides and is setting her sights on beating her to the finish line,so someone needs to watch her back bigtime.

On the opposite end,Ebony bowed out of the competition after phoning in her bubble wrap pictures,giving Ambreal an unexpected call from the governor reprieve. Tyra took Ebony's last minute withdrawal rather personally,in my opinion,snidely saying that she was a "quitter" and she doesn't need "quitters" in this contest. Granted the girl crumbled faster than a box of graham crackers doused with milk but geez,Tyra,believe it or not,everything is not all about you. Why was Ebony's audition tape shown at the end of the episode,as a epilogue or futher insult to injury? You make the call,folks.

The Scream Awards were presented on Spike TV this week and I have a serious suggestion for the organizers of this event;you need to ease on the number of prizes given to sexy women. "But our fan base is guys,Lady T,come on!" Yes,but as one of your presenters noticed,there were quite a number of fan girls in the audience and just as many watching at home.

I'm not saying you can't have catagories like Sci-Fi Siren or Fantasy Fox but how about a Sci-Fi Stud or a Dream Man,too? You had three catagories(the third being Female Super Hero)devoted to honoring hot ladies and none for the gents(that Hero award to Harrison Ford does not count!). All I'm asking for is a slice of the eye candy pie,people.

Out of all the twisted trailers on the show,the clip from Repo:The Genetic Opera was the most insane thing I've ever seen and I so want to see this when it hits the theaters. With the likes of Sarah Brightman and Anthony Stewart Head leading this maniac musical cast, Paris Hilton might be worth tolerating onscreen:


Random Notes:

Kitchen Nightmares: Since this week's episode was not shown due to the World Series(boo!),I thought it would be showcase some of my favorite bits of the series. I loved the initial food tasting/dinner service when Gordon first shows up(which never ends well)and the kitchen inspections,which are scarier than most horror movies.

Let's start with The Old Stone Mill:

The Seascape offers up a menu of mold:

Dillons/Purmina has quite a basement clientale:

The Mixing Bowl is full to the brim with bland:

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