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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Some scary sights at the Movie Trailer park

It's horror movie season and even tho most of the flicks I'm about to mention will be out well after All Hallow's Eve,this is the time of year to keep an eye out for those fresh new fright films on the scene. First up on the docket is the long awaited adaptation of Stephen King's novella,The Mist(due to hit theaters in November).

This terror tale of folks having to fight for their lives and sanity in a supermarket after the title moisture cover cuts them off from the world they know first appeared in a 1980's anthology called Dark Forces and later in one of King's own collections,Skeleton Crew.

It's also been made into an audio play version,complete with 3-D sound,which has been highly praised by many fans. Will this movie be able to do the story justice? We shall see,certainly more clearly than the poor souls hiding out in the frozen foods section:

Another literary adaptation coming much sooner to a multiplex near you is 30 Days of Night,based on the graphic novel by Steven Niles and Ben Templesmith. The title time frame takes place in a small town in Alaska where a thirsty band of vampires decide to turn the place into an all-you-can-eat bloody buffet. Josh Harnett stars as one of the local law enforcers making his stand against the monster mob. Good luck,buddy-you're really gonna need it!:

More adaptations abound,as Broadway's most gory musical,Sweeney Todd, gets the Tim Burton treatment. Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter play the merry meat pie makers and the cast also includes Sacha Baron Cohen(Borat himself)and Alan Rickman.

While there's no official trailer or teaser available just yet,this delightful re-enactment of one of the play's big numbers"God,That's Good!" from the underappreciated Kevin Smith film,Jersey Girl,should give you an idea of how fun this murderous music fest can be:

Update: There is now an official trailer for Sweeney Todd that you can view here. It looks pretty damn amazing,folks.

And finally,as the tag line says,if it's Halloween,it's time for Saw(part 4,that is). I have to admit that this series of twisted morality plays has been holding up well so far,but the last movie was starting to show some signs of wear and tear with keeping up the main premise of the plot. If this is the last Saw movie,let's just hope that it ends with a hell of a bang instead of a sorry sequel whimper:

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