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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Project Runway's menswear madness,TAR takes a U turn and ANTM's Heather go sees a sad Shanghai surprise

The contestants on Project Runway were thrown for a real loop this week,as the challenge was to design an outfit for Today show correspondant Tiki Barber to wear onair. The vast majority of them had no experience whatsoever in menswear and were pretty much sweating bullets the whole time. They had two days and a budget of $150,which seemed very reasonable to me.

Out of all the so-so outfits(this really was a dull challenge,since panic truimphed over creativity here)that went down the runway,Jack's two piece pinstripe combo was chosen as the winner. Tiki liked it but Nina objected to it being just a two piece number. Heidi,however,pointed out that it was better to have two well made items rather than three or four that were a mess.

Carmen's entry proved Heidi's point as she wound up not having a shirt ready by the deadline and resorted to having her model wrap a big piece of shirtcloth around his top instead. Also,she had to literally sew his crotch in(Yikes!). No shocker that she was the one declared to be "out".

I was concerned about Sweet P,with her oversized collar on the shirt(plus,her model looked like Patrick Bateman after a three day bender) but Ricky's suit was so sloppy and dull that he easily was chosen for the Bottom Two. Next week's challenge looks like it might involve teamwork,so things should be much more lively.

A new gimmick on TAR waylaided Lorena and Jason,courtesy of the Resident Blondes,Shana and Jennifer. It's called a U Turn,which means that if you're tagged after completing one of the Detour challenges,you have to go back and complete the other option before you can get your next clue.

The Detour this time out was a choice between panning for gold or doing a native dance(with your own creative moves)to be judged by a panel. If the panel didn't like your performance,the team was given a ten minute penalty before moving on. Most folks choose the dance and I'm happy to say that the Goths totally rocked the house:

Now,you can argue the ethics of using the U Turn at this point of the game but to me,the worst part about the RB's going for that was that they hampered the wrong team. See,they thought Lorena and Jason were hot on their heels which is why they were eager to hold them up. However,it was TK and Rachel who were behind them! So stupid-hey,girls,next time you want to slow another team down,make sure you've got the correct target in your sights:

So Lorena and Jason were eliminated,of course. They did take the whole thing very well,which I wasn't sure about since Lorena had that freakout about the camel milking the other week. The two of them took it all in stride and left with some dignity,which was nice to see.

Nate and Jen,however,got on my nerves as they were only a couple of seconds behind Azaria and Hendricka at the Pit Stop(making them Team Number Two)and Jen had the nerve to complain about the Brother/Sister Act not"giving" them a turn to be the first team since they had already won that twice before. Are you frickin' serious? Put your money where your mouth is,Jen,and let another team get ahead of you at the Pit Stop,since all of you are taking turns at being Team Number One!

Sad news for Heather fans as our favorite girl was sent packing on ANTM,after her disasterous Go See experience in Shanghai. I have to say that this was a legitimate reason to take her out of the running here,since she was hopelessly lost and only managed to find one of her intended appointments.

Also, out of the three girls who were late to return to the agency,Heather's time was the longest(forty minutes). Time management is key to any professional pursuit and while I'll miss her,it is best that she goes home.

Bianca looked like she could hold back a cheer as Heather was dismissed and while she did have some reason to be pleased about her performance(Bianca won the Go See challenge and had the privilege of seeing her face float by on a huge 2008 Olympics barge),I wouldn't rest on my laurels just yet if I were her.

Saleisha is right behind her,making a good impression on the judges and the designers that she visited. The Final Four will be going to Beijing and from the previews,Bianca appears to be up to no good. Drama!

Random Notes:

Heroes: While Peter and Adam got more info about the Shanti virus as Hiro got in Inigo Montoya mode,my attention was riveted to Sylar and Maya,who steamed up the screen with their developing dark side romance. Poor Alejandro's warnings went unheeded as his sister had her "Suddenly,Sylar" moment and he wound up getting a brain bashing for his troubles.

I swear,even without super powers,Sylar is a bad,bad man(which is how I like him). I really can't blame Maya for being taken by his wicked wordplay charms and sizzling shirtless self(ok,need to think unsexy thoughts here!). I just hope Mohinder starts getting smart in a hurry(trusting The Company to do the right thing deducts several points from his IQ there),with those new babysitters for Molly awaiting him at home:

Ugly Betty: Things truly became ugly at Mode,as Wilhelmina took her vengeance upon the magazine(after being fired by the remaining Meade family members)with a vicious computer virus. Marc is right about one thing;at times it does seem like Willi did rise from a cauldron,rather than being raised by regular parents:

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