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Friday, December 14, 2007

The good ,the bad and the whatever of the Golden Globe nominations

The Golden Globe nominees for 2008 were announced the other day and my reaction is pretty mixed at the moment. Normally,I dig the GGs,since they're not as uptight as most of the movie/television award shows(it does help to serve booze during the ceremonies to liven up those long winded acceptance speeches)and also don't shun certain genres when choosing nominees.

This year,it doesn't seem that way. For one thing,I find it ironic that Hayden Panettiere was presenting the nominees and there was not one nod for Heroes,none at all. It's also peeving that a good number of the film noms are for movies that are not even out yet! Let's look over everything abit more careful and see what can be made of the big picture here.


Atonement received the most nominations in the drama catagory,seven,including Best Actress for Keira Knightley,Best Actor for James McAvoy and Best Film Drama. I didn't see the movie but loved the book and also think that Knightley and director Joe Wright work well together(they first teamed up for the latest big screen version of Pride & Prejudice)so,I'm inclined to not make a fuss about that.

I do like it that the GGs have two separate catagories in film,so that movies like Hairspray and Juno aren't clobbered by such dramatic fare as No Country For Old Men and Michael Clayton(which looks to be as exciting as watching paint dry during monsoon season). Also good to see smaller movies like Eastern Promises and Persepolis get some noms in key catagories-just hope that Oscar remembers them as well.


The Best Song category is always fun-granted,Sweeney Todd will be totally shut out since all of the songs came from the original Broadway show but that doesn't mean that they aren't any peppy numbers here. A sure fire winner in my opinion is Enchanted's "That's How You Know",which is sweet without being too sticky:

The theme song to Walk Hard is also up,yet another unreleased film getting some Golden Globe promotion there. However,I just listened to the song and it's not bad. Certainly more cheerful than the tune from Into The Wild or Love In The Time of Cholera,that's for damn sure:


Pushing Daisies got alot of love from the GGs,picking up such juicy categories as Best Actor,Best Actress and Comedy series. Sounds fine to me but it would've been nice to see Heroes get a few props in the Drama area(nope,not going to let it go,folks). Not much love for the final season of the Sopranos(guess they made more enemies than they realized with that godawful ending)with only Edie Falco getting a nod in the Lead Actress section.

Congrats to Holly Hunter,for getting a actress nod for Saving Grace(my mother loves that show)and to Minnie Driver for The Riches. Speaking of The Riches,why is that show not up for more awards? Damages sopped up most of the love for F/X and while I know it had a strong following,it looked to be insanely overcomplicated to me. Also,why the hell is Christina Applegate up for Best Comedy Actress instead of Jenna Fischer? Hello,there's a reason they put on Samantha Who? right after Dancing with the Stars,guys!


Please,please,PLEASE,do NOT give Bee Movie a Golden Globe for Best Animated movie! That ad campaign from hell was hard enough to take(not to mention those stupid mini skits during the NBC lineup to promote it-so not funny,to say the least).

First off Persepolis should up be in this category(I know it's a Foreign Film nom,but if the Triplets of Belleville can get props here,why not?)and if you're going to award a quirky cartoon film,give it to Ratatouille. I'd take a rat voiced by the always cool Patton Oswalt fulfilling his dream of cooking in a Parisian restaurant over a bee doing some lame Jerry Seinfeld routines any time.

Well,we will all find out soon enough who wins,loses or draws. With the writers' strike still in full effect,it should be quite a sight to see how the award show circuit manages to hold things together here. They usually fear impromptu moments on stage,except for the Globes,of course. The joint will certainly be jumping by the time the Oscars roll around. That alone might make up for Heroes being ignored(not by much,but I'll take what I can get at this point).

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