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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Heroes' mid season finale,Nip/Tuck goes Plastic Fantastic and Project Runway tries to turn fashion don'ts into dos.

Heroes wrapped up Volume Two this week(hopefully,we'll get a Volume Three in 2008 if the studios start shelling out some of those extra bucks to the writers!)and yes, Nathan was one of the touted "two will fall". I know plenty of folks are all up in arms about that,but I for one hope that he stays dead. He was never one of my favorite characters and by killing him off,Peter may have to become a stronger person who isn't easily swayed into going along with the plans of a charismatic madman like Adam.

Speaking of Adam,I loved how Hiro chose to deal with him,once and for all. Very much a dark side of the Force method but also rather appropriate,in a Tales From the Crypt kind of way:

The other Hero to bite the dust was Nikki,which was a real shame. I did like her,but since all traces of the Shanti virus were being wiped out,her number had to be up. After Peter nuked the vial and Sylar got his cure on(more about that soon),her death seemed to be a matter of plotline housekeeping.

Atleast she went like a real hero,saving Monica's life and protecting Micah(poor kid). R.I.P. Nikki-you will be missed:

As for Sylar and Maya,clearly the thrall has gone out of their relationship. It's hard to stay true to a man who not only lied about his intentions but killed your twin brother in the bargain. Some folks would've preferred that Maya stayed down for the count after Sylar capped her,but hey,what's a villain without an angry ex-lover to provide some showdown drama?

Elle might be on the Get Sylar brigade but something tells me that she'll turn on a dime against her new friends as soon as she gets some Daddy love(girl's got issues!). Expectations for Volume three are sky high,now that Sylar is strong to the finach 'cause he eats his spinach(with tasty brains):

On Nip/Tuck,Christian convinced Sean to go along with his plans for a reality show based on their work called cheesily enough,Plastic Fantastic. Of course,Christian was upstaged by the potential love triangle of Julia,Olivia and Liz,which annoyed him so much that he was willing to take advice from the current queen of trashy reality series,New York herself:

The reality show parody stuff was pretty funny as well as the featured patient who obviously knew about Christian's American Gigolo stint and was dropping some heavy hints about that(hope that subplot gets more screen time). Sean and Eden seemed to have stopped indulging in the hate part of their love-hate relationship,which is only going to lead to trouble. Sean,I know the girl's legal but like the song says,she's poison! Think with the big head,not the little one there!

Tricky teamwork on Project Runway this round,as each designer had to select a former fashion flop(neon,fringe,'70s flair,etc)and then form teams of three to create a mini collection of outfits that would modernized the fashion failures and be a cohesive look as well(cohesive being the not so Secret Word of the day).

Team leaders were chosen and Jillan was freaking out about Kevin taking forever and a day to refit a pair of shorts that didn't fit their model right(it would've helped if they had actually used the model's measurements in the first place instead of Jillan's).

Turns out that Kevin works his best stuff at the last minute and Team Jillian's line of overalls,70's flair and poodle skirts took the win for the challenge. Christian's team(which he named "Team Star")was given second place,not bad for folks who had fringe,pleather and zoot suits as their style basis. Christian really wanted to win this one and I have a good tip for him:next time there's a team challenge,work with Rami. The man's got mad sewing skills and excellent clothing construction.

Team Ricky was undermined by Victorya,who kept saying that she didn't want to be the leader but insisted that Ricky wasn't "challenging her enough". Bitch,please-get over your snotty passive aggressive self! Thanks to your lack of respect for Ricky's authority and Elisha needing someone to explain things to her in hippy-dippy speak,Ricky's garment suffered for it(even the model looks annoyed at having to walk down the runway in that Sci Fi Disney Hooker number). Granted that neon,cutouts and underwear as outerwear doesn't lend itself to high fashion but Ricky wound up on the chopping block for the sloppy style of his creation.

Ricky got his phone call from the governor,thanks to Donna Karan(the guest judge this week)who hated Chris March's shoulder padded jacket as much as Michael Kors did.

It didn't help poor Chris that the other outfits in his team's collection didn't flow together well(Sweet P's baggy sweater dress rocked but Steven's attempt at dancewear fumbled). Too bad,since I did like Chris,he had a strong sense of color which failed him here for some reason. Also,his outfit looked like a godawful Golden Girls costume. Next week,Jack has some big announcement which appears to add a dose of shock and awe to the proceedings.

Random Notes:

ANTM: As I predicted,Saleisha's charms grew stronger and eclipsed Bianca,whose Great Wall of China picture failed to thrill Tyra and the rest of the judges who dropped her like a bad habit last night. Jenah looked as if she was on her way out,with her constant whining about being homesick and missing her boyfriend but no,Bianca was kicked to the curb instead. Perhaps Bianca was thrown off her game by Heather's departure(who was named Cover Girl of the Week AGAIN,despite her dismissal),which left her without a handy target for her wrath.

Top Chef Holiday Special: As a way of promoting the next season of TC(which will be in Chicago)and spicing up the Bravo schedule,chefs from Season One(Tiffani and Stephen),Two(Marcel,Betty and Josie)and Three(CJ,Tre and Sandee)compete in a holiday meal themed contest with 20 grand as the prize for the winner. I saw the "sneak peek" late last night and it's definately worth tuning into tonight:

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