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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Nip/Tuck's Julia gets large and in charge,Kitchen Nightmares finale and Project Runway does some refitting in more ways than one

On Project Runway,one of the contestants was out before he even had a chance to be in. Jack came down with a serious staph infection in his face,which required hospitalization,so he had to bow out of this week's challenge of refitting an outfit for a group of women who had lost a good deal of weight(most of the ladies had losses of 50 to over a hundred pounds)and could no longer wear her former favorite clothes. Poor guy was truly sad to be leaving(along with the rest of the designers) and I hope he gets better soon.

Since Jack's departure left one of the everyday ladies without a designer,Chris March was allowed to come back and take over what Jack had started. As sorry as I am to see Jack go,I'm happy that Chris got another shot here. He was given some extra late night work time,due to coming in late in the game,and while Michael Kors had a point about the finished product looking very Irma La Douce,it wasn't that bad given the time and material limits.

Atleast he used the actual clothing provided. Jillian just took some of the piping off of the pants she had and whipped up a red hot dress made from mostly new materials. It looked great,but clearly she disregarded the whole point of the challenge which was to make the best of what you had to work with.

Jillian wasn't the only one to put the source material aside;Steven used as little of the wedding dress his client had as possible to create some gloomy black number that turned her into a matronly looking pilgrim. The judges went with French maid comparisons but they all agreed that it was bad enough to send Steven packing.

Elisa also wound up on the chopping block for the choppy outfit that she created which didn't suit her client's tastes at all(you could tell by the look on her face as she went down the runway. The fit wasn't flattering and reflected too much on the designer rather than the needs of the client. You really ought to smarten up there,Elisa or the next time all the spit marks in the world won't be able to create enough good vibes to save you from being out.

Christian was declared the winner of the challenge but I really think that Kevin deserved it for the total 180 he gave to that sad sack of a canary yellow two piece that he had to work with. Not only did it look great,his client was as pleased as punch with it and it showed as she strutted her stuff on the runway.

Christian's outfit was well done,considering that his client didn't want any bright colors or frills added on,but it was pretty much more of the same that he's given us so far,that whole slightly retro cropped pant with jacket combo. Dude,you seriously need to shake things up,stylewise. It takes more than a wacked out hairdo to be hip and retro is not a one size fits all deal.

Julia got one hell of a scary experience on Nip/Tuck this week,as she and Olivia were held up and taken hostage by a gun toting creep who forced them to give him money from several ATMs before having them drive out to the middle of nowhere to put on a little show for him. Fortunately,no one was hurt but Julia appears to have gotten her groove back and became alot more proactive than she's been in the past couple of seasons.

Not only did she decide to get a gun and learn how to shoot(with Christian's support),she gave Sean a much needed reprimand about chasing young girls after he ended up in the hospital due to taking some E with Eden at a Hollywood party(I told you she was poison,Sean!). Julia also got in Eden's face about her punky little poptart act and gave the girl what for. Way to go,Julia! Sometimes, a person needs a major kick in the ass to set them on the right path.

Speaking of kicks in the ass,Matt is getting some right now,as Kimber harshly dumped him after conning Christian into giving her a meth head makeover so that she could dive back into the porn business. One of Christian's conditions was that she give Matt custody of the baby,which she welshed on and set up a new homestead with the Pa Kent of Porn,Ram Peters.

Matt went whining to Christian,who got all tough love on him,and that ended up with Matt taking a page from Mickey Rourke's Cook and attempting to turn his crappy apartment into a mini meth lab. This all ended badly,with "Total Eclipse of the Heart" as the theme music to this pitiful fiasco. I kid you not,they did the whole "turn around bright eyes" thing here,which made me laugh out loud at the sheer cheesiness of the sequence:

Kitchen Nightmares closed it's doors on their first season in America and I do hope that we get a second serving of it in 2008. Ramsey's great at doling out sensible advice and dishing up tasty menus for restaurants trapped in dire straits.

What always amazes me about the show is when the owner/head chef/manager gets mad about Ramsey's criticisms and gives him a hard time. Hey buddy,if things are going so good,why did you call him up in the first place? It wouldn't be a cheap way to get some free publicity for your failing business,now would it?

Here's a taste of what Gordon has had to deal with:





ANTM: And the winner is...Saleisha! Not that surprising,since she was the most poised and energetic of the remaining three girls in the competition,even with her multiple takes during the Cover Girl commercial. Oh well,another cycle is completed for now.

I didn't stick around to catch the debut of the new CW mother/daughter pagent series,Crowned,and I don't think that I'm going to in the future. There'll be plenty of catty reality shows assaulting the airwaves soon enough(settle the damn writers' strike,Hollywood! All they want is another four cents on the dollar,geez!),so there's no rush to settle for the latest shiny new object out there.

SMALLVILLE: Yep,the CW is throwing us a bone by giving a fresh new holiday episode which has Lois trying to save Chloe and Jimmy from being blown up in an elevator during the Daily Planet Christmas party. I know the show has been getting wackier with every episode this season(particularly the part when Supergirl was fighting her evil clone daddy in the Fortress of Solitude and wound up lost with amnesia in Detroit. See,that's what you get when you don't pay your writers well!)but I'm just waiting for Brainiac to show up again,as promised:

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