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Monday, December 03, 2007

While the WGA waits to overcome,keep hope alive with the LRG Pop Culture Survival Guide for the entertainment starved

As of this writing,the Writers' Guild strike is still on and while I'm rooting for the folks to get the money they deserve,alot of us pop culture junkies will soon be without fresh new movies and episodes of our favorite TV shows for awhile. The TV viewers are already starting to feel the pinch,as The Office is in rerun mode and the last filmed chapter of Heroes will be airing tonight(bet NBC is sorry that they pulled the plug on Heroes:Origins now!).

As a public service,I thought that it would be best to present a LRG Pop Culture Survival Guide to chase away entertainment despair. Plenty of options are out there ripe for the picking,people-just keep an open mind,that's all that I ask of you.


A good number of the networks now have online viewers that give you free access to their current lineup of shows and if you haven't explored this option already,this is the perfect time to do so. Thanks to online viewing,I was able to become an Ugly Betty fan and still enjoy Smallville on Thursday nights at eight.

It's also a great opportunity to check out some of those shows you've heard so much about but never got around to watching like Pushing Daisies or Chuck. True,it's not the same as settling down in front of the boob tube with snacks on hand but it is certain more interesting than dead air:


After all,what is the point of having your favorite shows in your video library if you don't use them for your own personal viewing marathons? Especially in times like these. Thanks to modern technology,you can watch the entire run of Veronica Mars,relive the glory days of the Sopranos or indulge in Gilmore goodness by diving into the too-cute-to-live complete series set that's housed in a retro Barbie doll travel case(yes,I'm holding back the drool as I look at it,folks).


Don't just latch on to the first new thing you see coming down the pike. While there is plenty of exploitive junk floating around the airwaves(Kid Nation*cough*),there are some decent programs worth watching in the reality genre. Project Runway is still early in it's new season,The Amazing Race is moving along at a good pace(go,Team Goth,go!) and even Survivor may not be so bad,with China as it's new setting. Like I said before,guys,open mind!


Let's be honest;with all of the channels available due to cable,no one has really watched every single one. Why not take a chance on what you usually fast click thru? See what's on VH1,TLC,Discovery Channel or just pick a random channel out of the blue. Taking chances with new viewing can expand your horizons and give you more options. In my house,for example,we finally checked out the Food Network and now I get the whole Rachael Ray deal and my mom adores Paula Deen(who I don't think can get thru the day without butter,sugar and cream):


This is also a good time to check out those movies that you've missed in theaters or have never seen before. Don't leave your friends out in the cold either-you might have a Pippi virgin in your inner circle who needs to learn the theme song:


A show of hands;how many of you are surrounded by books that are only half read or have not been touched in a while? No shame is needed,it's something that every die hard reader faces from time to time(and yes,that includes me,bigtime). This is a golden opportunity to catch up on some of those tomes that are threatening to topple over and crush the unwary. If you're not in a book club already,perhaps you should find or start one to help you stay motivated:

Well,I do hope that this little list gives you some idea of how to enjoy your free time and good luck to all of the Hollywood writers that are pounding the pavement and possibly singing this fight song(introduced to me by Robin Brande,who first saw it at Meg Cabot's blog-see,I'm giving the writers credit where credit is due!):

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