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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Nip/Tuck gives us plenty to chew over,American Idol auditions and a Project Runway preview

If you thought Nip/Tuck had gone over the top before,you ain't seen nothing yet,folks. The current subplot with Sean's agent Colleen(played by Sharon Gless) has officially lit up the Psycho Red Alert boards. At first,she just seemed like another bitter Hollywood hustler with the hots for Sean but it turns out that the lady is clearly not playing with a full deck.

As soon as a CAA agent started to make a bid to represent Sean,Colleen's true crazy colors started to show. She must've went to the Annie Wilkes School of Celebrity Guidance since her "home" office is her actual home,packed with handmade teddy bears and the tools to make them,which she used to literally eliminate her competition. Death by Build-a-Bear,folks. That's a new one on me.

Christian attended Gina's funeral(everyone is more than willing to believe that she killed herself,sparing Christian any legal troubles for the moment)which quickly became a tribute to her sexual prowess by many of her Sexaholics Anonymous mourners.

Gina would've like that,I'm sure,but there was one person who was able to say something good about her that didn't involve an orgasm. A rather touching moment in this whole wacky episode:

There was alot of carnivorous themes running thru this entire show,with Christian encountering Wilbur's pre-school teacher who likes to bite,a young married couple in need of repairs after some emergency cannibalism(something that the wife just couldn't get over her guilt about,which ended up in a gruesome form of amends that backfired)and Crazy Colleen,with her snipes about agents "devouring" people.

I don't know what that's all about but it certainly keeps you on your toes. I just hope Colleen doesn't morph into an L.A. version of the Carver.

Next week,more of Colleen,the teddy bear queen(Sean might want to put that little doctor bear she made for him in his office,to stay on her sane side)and Joan Van Ark has Christian give her a cat face,as in an actual feline set of features. This stuff is almost too bizarre to make up.

While Project Runway is making us wait another week for a new episode,atleast they're letting know what the next challenge will be. The designers will have to create outfits for five of the top WWE Divas,which include Torrie Wilson,Michelle Mc Cool,Candice Michelle and Layla.

It's been awhile since I paid any real attention to pro wrestling but I do miss the days when ladies in that field were given more of a persona to promote. Even Chyna had some pizzazz to her! Well,this should be interesting to say the least:

American Idol continues down the audition trail,hitting Omaha,NE and Miami,Florida to find the few needles of talent amidst the haystack of bad singers.

More of the more flashy bits of stale hay was Johnny Escamilla,who managed to sing "Shout" without actually using the most important word in the whole song. Guess that's a talent of sorts there:

And here's the rest of the best of the worst:




Random Notes:

The Riches: The F/X series about the misadventures of the Malloy family should be starting their second season in March. Thank goodness for channels like F/X and USA,with their mini runs of shows to tide us over during this entertainment drought.

Between this and The Dirt,my TV dance card may be able to fill some of the holes in it. On the other hand,I've been getting alot more of my reading done,so there's some benefit to this ongoing struggle between the writers and the studios. It would be more beneficial to the writers if they got that extra four cents on the dollar tho!

Smallville: Clark and company are back,only it's Bizarro who is running the show while the Soon to Be Man of Steel is in a deep freeze at the Fortress of Solitude. The major headline here,however,is the return of Brainiac(yes, James Marsters is back! Woo to the hoo,y'all!)as he has rebooted his bad self for more conquest of the Earth action:

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