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Monday, January 07, 2008

Open Letter to the family of Britney Spears

Dear Spears Family,

I know you folks have your hands full at the moment with Britney's troubles and Jamie Lynn's pregnancy but please hear me out on this. First off,I won't lie to you about not taking some amusement in Britney's public displays of wackiness over the last year or so(her performance at the MTV VMAs was too sad to snicker at,tho)but with what's been going on with her lately is really making me regret many of those giggles I've had at her expense.

Her recent stand-off and hospitalization,which has resulted in K-Fed getting full custody of the kids(who would've ever thought he'd be considered the more responsible parent in this situation?)is the most blatant cry,hell,scream for help that I've ever heard here,apart from Timmy calling for Lassie. I don't know all of the details of what went on that night(nor do I need to)but the police don't just haul a person off to the hospital over a domestic dispute for fun and games.

It's clear that Britney needs some serious help but not from Dr. Phil. To be fair and give you guys the benefit of the doubt,you most likely had a major family meeting about how to best deal with Britney's situation and someone suggested"Hey,what about that Oprah guy? He's a doctor and has books about fixing people's problems. Couldn't he talk to her?"

Guys,Dr.Phil does have some credentials and has helped a few folks out but let's face it,the man is first and foremost a talk show celebrity. This is a psychologist whose idea of solving family problems is to have everyone live in close quarters in the"Dr. Phil House" and put all of their therapy sessions on television,especially during Sweeps months(one of which is coming up right now!). Also,I think the last thing Britney needs right is now is another overbearing adult out to exploit her for personal gain.

"So,what's your brilliant solution,then?" Well,folks,I'm going to give you a rather radical notion there but it's one that just might do some good. Ready? Get her some help in PRIVATE CARE. KEEP HER AWAY FROM THE FRAKKIN' MEDIA FOR AWHILE! NO TV interviews,no magazine coverage,no internet-go cold turkey on the whole electric circus there for about six months or so.

Have her talk to someone in the mental health field who is NOT out to make a book deal or sell an exclusive tell-all interview to anyone in the world and a person she can trust. From what I've been hearing,you guys had Dr. Phil show up unannounced at the hospital there which is ten shades of sneaky,something adds paranoid fuel to the fires that an emotionally troubled person stokes on a daily basis.

Part of Britney's problem is that she's acting out her mental and emotional woes with a eagerly anticipating paparazzi drooling and snarling over who gets to show her stumble into oblivion first. She's being smothered by the media,pretty much like that Captivity poster of the girl drowning in sand while trapped in a glass case. Pretty nasty image,but in some ways,very similar to what's been happening with Britney lately.

If you want a example of a famous person who was in the same predicament and got help out of the media spotlight,look no further than Mariah Carey. Mariah had a literal meltdown on TRL(complete with popsicles)and was considered a total hot mess career and emotional wise. What did she do about it? Mariah went into the hospital and stayed as far as away from any PR nonsense as humanly possible. I'm sure her family and friends gave her alot of support as well.

And as a result of that,Mariah bounced back with better music and a better outlook on life. She does alot of charity work and has even ventured back into movies again,with more positive feedback. All I'm saying is,if it worked for Mariah,it can work for Britney,too.

The stakes are much higher for Britney,since she's a mother now. Some of her troubles may be due to postpartum depression(if Tom Cruise is reading this-SHUT UP! Before you even start!)which can be dealt with,along side with good productive therapy. I know you guys love her and will do your best but you must do it away from the cameras,folks. When they make the VH1 Behind the Music on Britney,it would be nice to have her appear at the end,happy and healthy in all ways and back with her kids.


Lady T and concerned folks everywhere

P.S. Please do not put Jamie Lynn's problems on the back burner while you're dealing with Britney. Lack of attention is what lead to her teen pregnancy in the first place.

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