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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Project Runway preps for the prom,TAR's TK and Rachel get Lost in Translation,and America Idol will soon be upon us!

The latest challenge on Project Runway was to design a prom dress to be worn by an actual high school girl(Catholic high school girls from New Jersey,to be precise). The girls chose which designers they wanted to work with based on their portfolios and I have to say that the young lady who selected Rami clearly has excellent taste.

As much as I like Rami however,I have to agree with the judges that what he made for his client was a tad too mature for her(she did look good,tho).

Rami did mention earlier,in one of "aside" moments,that he's not too familar with the prom tradition growing up in Jerusalem and did politely defend himself during the judging section by saying that he believes in making sophisticated clothes. A great goal but you gotta show some flexibility in your work or you can be easily pegged as a One Note Johnny!

Atleast Rami dealt with his client better than Christian did. Granted the girl who chose him was not a shrinking violet,but he just couldn't handle her input. The two of them clashed over the dress,which was a good color but way too short(especially in the back there. What was up with that?)and the ruffles and embellishments were totally at cross purposes.

When it came time to talk with the judges,Christian immediately started complaining about how difficult it was to work with his client,Maddie,which annoyed Nina Garcia to no end. Nina's picky at times but she's right about not throwing all of your failures upon the client(particularly when she's just a kid). Christian came this close to getting "aufed" for his troubles.

Kevin was the one who was sent packing,for this red number that made his girl look "matronly",according to Michael Kors. It was also too short,so much that Kevin didn't even hem the dress for fear it would look even worse. Also,having her hair swept up like that really made her look very harsh.

Why is it that every time these designers(not just this PR season)have real people to work with,the results are such a mixed bag? Is it the industry who focuses too much on creating an "ideal" image of physical beauty or the shortsightedness of the designers who don't see beyond the catwalk just who will really be wearing the clothes they dream up?

Ok,enough with the philosophizing-Victorya won the challenge and receives immunity for the next round,thanks to this blue bedazzled number. Personally,that dress seemed to be like something out of the Junior Miss Sex And The City collection(or Gossip Girl couture,if you will). It didn't impress me much.

I liked Chris March's olive gown way more,with it's sleek lines and o-ring construction in the back. Sweet P created a lovely,champagne colored dress with Hollywood flair that was a front runner but alas,came in second here. Sweet P was seriously hoping for a win,after being in the bottom two for quite awhile. Well,she did survive to sew another day.

During the last leg of the Amazing Race,Ronald and Christina actually got along and didn't fight once. Quite a miracle there! It helped that the teams went to Osaka, Japan,where Christina knows the language.

Ronald was so mellow that he and Grandpa Donald shared a snack while waiting for the younger halves of their teams to complete the Roadblock. Nice to see folks getting along with each other on TAR,there's not enough of that:

TK and Rachel were the first to leave for Japan but the last ones to arrive,due to booking a flight which had two stopover points. All of the others picked a flight with only one layover,which gave them a unforeseen advantage.

Lucky for TK and Rachel,this was a non-elimination leg,so they get to stay on. They do have to face a Speedbump soon and they're three hours behind all of the other teams,so keeping up will be a real challenge for them on the next leg. Good luck,guys-you're gonna need it!

American Idol will begin it's usual march of musical madness on January 15,saving us from the dreary offerings of midwinter TV. Love it or hate it,we can all agree on one thing: the auditions are the best part of the whole deal. Especially the BAD ones! Those self deluded singers who insisted upon sharing their "talent" with all of America and are stunned when Simon,Randy and Paula must say "Hell to the no!" and send them off on their merry way.

To whet your appetite for amusement,here are a few clips of some of the most deserving would-be performers to be swept away by Sandman Simms:






UGLY BETTY: ABC tosses us a bone by showing a new episode tonight,which has Annie Potts as one of the special guest stars. She plays a psychic consulted by Amanda to find out who her birth daddy is and Bow Wow himself shows up to be trapped in an elevator with Betty. Beats being trapped in the closet with R. Kelly!:

MASTERPIECE THEATER: Yet another reminder that the Complete Jane Austen series begins this weekend,with a new version of Persuasion and following that will be Andrew Davies' adaptation of Northanger Abbey and Mansfield Park this month. For more insight into the glories of bringing Austen's brilliance to the screen,let's listen to the man himself who does it so well:

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