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Thursday, January 17, 2008

TAR's Final Three,Project Runway gets a two for one deal and American Idol begins!

Project Runway did one of their patented fake-outs on the designers this week by first giving them a challenge to create an avant garde gown inspired by the wild hairstyles given to the models. They also had to work in teams of two,with one person deemed to be the leader.

Rami and Sweet P were paired up and remember what I said last time about the risk of being pegged as Repeat-o Guy that Rami was running? He went for his comfort zone yet again,with the draping. Rami,you seriously need to watch that PR season when the judges kept hounding Uli over her continued use of patterns. You're heading down that same road there,buddy! Also, you were way too harsh with Sweet P-you have to remember that she's working WITH you,not FOR you!

On day two,Tim Gunn announced that the teams would be required to design a ready to wear version of their over the top numbers(one team member would be allowed to go out and shop for extra materials)to be completed that day. Many freaked,but others rose to the extra challenge especially after they were told that the winning team would get an Elle magazine photo shoot as a bonus prize.

Sweet P made the second outfit,which got more praise from the judges that Rami's did but didn't save them from being on the chopping block. The judges also didn't like it when Rami tried to shift some of the blame for the team results on Sweet P. Not cool, dude,so not cool of a team leader to do that!

A much better example of teamwork came from Christian and Chris March,aka "Team Fierce". Christian was the leader and he and Chris got along like long lost brothers reunited. The ruffled creamy dreamy creation they came up with was beyond amazing.

Their ready to wear outfit was nice as well and the judges awarded them the win. It would've been great if Chris March had gotten immunity along with Christian but he did get to share in the photo shoot,so pretty good going there. Jillian and Victorya got some props for their smoking hot trench coat ensemble but I was less than thrilled about their complementary outfit. It looked so much like an afterthought.

Kit was dismissed for this layered mess of a dress,which was dubbed a poor man's Scarlet O'Hara number by Michael Kors and the guest judge this week. Kit worked with Ricky on what she called a "bird's nest" which was supposed to resemble aprons, but looked more like cheap bedspreads.

Ricky's follow-up dress did their team no favors by appearing to be a cheaply made over apron. Nina Garcia called it "amateurish",which is the closest she comes to swearing on this show and if I were Ricky,I'd make damn sure to step up my game for the next round.

The three teams who will end The Amazing Race are TK and Rachel,Ron and Christina and Team Grandpa. While I wished that the Goths could've made the Final Three,I am happy to see such a group of rather decent folks who are not out to stomp each other into the ground get a real chance at the million dollars.

Nate and Jen were finally eliminated after one of their worst arguments,which also lead them to come in last. Jen had the brilliant notion of taking the subway to their next challenge instead of a cab like everyone else who got there ahead of them.

She and Nate wound up screaming at one another on a street corner for their troubles and later pondering their fate as a couple. I have two words for you: break up. Also,get better attitudes(especially Jen) and stop whining. That's what made you lose:

American Idol started off the audition rounds in Philly and in Texas and I have to say that between the guy in the Princess Leia Return of the Jedi Slave Girl outfit(that body waxing bit was so unnecessary) and the self proclaimed "dork" girl with the fake hair buns,Star Wars fans were not well represented here.

Trekkies will be able to use this footage to razz SW folks for many eons to come. Of course,she blamed the judges for not wanting someone "different". Honey,it's more like they wanted someone talented:

In comparison to many of the other loons who let their freak flags fly,the Pseudo Leia was Miss Mary Meek and Mild. Here's a gander at a few of the musical maniacs:





Random Notes:

Nip/Tuck: McNamara and Troy are back,with Sean seething over Christian and Julia's romantic reunion,Julia getting sicker and sicker from whatever Eden dosed those fruitcakes with and Dawn Budge having another facial assault which leads to her realizing that Freddie(her intended)is clearly not of the hetro persuasion. Plus,as a bonus,Gina is back on the scene as the practice's new receptionist. Should be fun!

Ugly Betty: Another new episode and this time,Betty starts acting wacky after being sprayed with an experimental new perfume. I don't know how many fresh shows are left in the Mode closet but let's treasure them while we can:

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