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Thursday, January 24, 2008

The winners of TAR,Project Runway gets the blues,and more American Idol wackiness

The challenge on Project Runway this week was sponsored by Levi 501(don't you just love when commerce and art decide to walk together,hand in hand,for one of these TV competitions?)and the designers were given denim jackets and jeans to use as the material to create an "iconic" outfit.

Fortunately,Rami was paying attention to what the judges said last time about him doing the same thing over and over again and made a cute dress with zipper trim that had no draping whatsoever.

Not one of his best designs,but it did look good and it was nice to see Rami step out of his comfort zone there. I do wish he'd stop using the "I wasn't born in America and therefore I have a different perceptive on design" card. Rami,you're a very talented man and there's no need for you to keep explaining yourself here.

I was impressed by the number that Sweet P pulled off. She was going for a wedding dress design at first but after Tim Gunn warned her that she was on the road to Hippy Dippy Town,she shortened the dress. It was really surprising to see her whip out such a high fashion outfit that had Michael Kors swooning about the "voodoo" it had.

I would've chosen Sweet P's dress as the winner since it was the most impressive,to me anyway. Christian's twist on the trucker style of jeans and jacket was very creative and got alot of love from the judges,but not a win this time. Christian was not happy about that,you could see it all over his face.

The win went to Ricky,for his well fitted dress that did not impress me much. The first thing that came to mind when I saw this going down the runway was "All she needs is a whip and a dog collar to make this complete." She looked like a denim dominatrix,with those big black boots on.

Michael Kors went on and on about the supposed "Amy Winehouse" look that the model and the dress seemed to have. Honey,for one thing,that girl is too damn tall and not messy enough to be a Winehouse doppelganger. I won't even into the obvious "no tattoos and a bottle of Tanqueray shoved down her throat,with a crack pipe in her purse" comparisons. It takes more than a beehive to be Amy Winehouse,that's all I'm saying,folks!

Victorya and Jillian were bigtime Repeat-o Girls,the both of them making trench coat numbers that were both brilliant shades of bad taste. Victorya's jacket ensemble was deemed the worst of the two and she was auf'ed away. It did look like she just grabbed a jacket and pinned a lumpy little skirt onto it.

Before we go,I must say a few words about Chris March's dress. The judges were pretty harsh on him,saying it looked "incomplete" and something that Joan Cusack wore in Working Girl. First off,I've seen Working Girl a few times and Joan never had anything like that on(I suspect Kors was confusing her with Melanie Griffith,who did have a few sexy dresses on in the film).

Also, that dress did have a finished look,even with the frayed ends that Chris had left on one side purposely. Kors claimed that it made him want to see the whole dress done that way,but I think he was just looking for an excuse to not like it. It just annoys me that after all the good work Chris March has done since he was brought back into the competition,the only time the judges decided to give him personal feedback is all totally negative(can't count the avant garde challenge,since Christian got all the credit for that). I feel a tad protective about Chris March and want him to have a real fighting chance here.

Congrats,TK and Rachel,for winning the 12th season of the Amazing Race. I was rooting for Ron and Christina(who held the lead for a good long while there) but that final Roadblock threw her off her stride. Atleast the two of them made it to second place and have some nice Team Number One prizes to enjoy. Plus,they really got a chance to cement a stronger family bond between them.

TK and Rachel ran a clean,honest race and as they said,"nice guys can finish first." Their relationship should last quite awhile there. Team Grandpa have plenty to be proud about as well,with Don being the only older generation person who's ever gotten that far in TAR. If you stop and think about it,everyone won something here:

The audition rounds are still continuing on American Idol,taking the judges to San Diego and Charleston,SC,where there are a few good singers hidden amongst the many throngs of the musically deluded. I love it when guys like Joshua insisted that the judges are not able to appreciate their talents,even when he's never had any voice training at all.

The parade of bad singers was quite extensive and yes,there were some who had good voices but let's wait until Hollywood week to focus on them:




Random Notes:

Nip/Tuck: Of all of the crazy things that I've seen on this show over the years,I never thought I would see Christian kill Gina. Granted,it looks as if it was an accident but the circumstances of their "one for the road" rooftop tryst aren't going to endear Christian to the cops or Julia.

For what it's worth,I don't believe that Christian meant to kill her;the two of them have had a very twisted love-hate relationship that Gina tried to rekindle(using her usual methods of allurement and bitchery)and that Christian only wanted to bitchslap her with that restraining order. Murder or sexed-up fatal accident? You decide:

Dirt: Season two of the fictional gossip rag series begins on March 2. Why this show was renewed,I don't know. Guess Courtney Cox wrangled herself a pretty sweet deal with the network there.

So,will I watch? Well,maybe. If the writers' strike is still on and all of my favorite shows are fresh out of new episodes,I may tune in to see if things are any better this time around:

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