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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Project Runway puts on it's fight face,the last of the American Idol auditions and Nip/Tuck madness continues

This week's challenge on Project Runway was to create an outfit for one of the WWE Divas to wear in the ring(I love it that they had to shop for materials at a place called The Spandex House,which sounds so wrong in a really right way). I noticed that the designers who did well in this challenge were the ones who were best able to get into the spirit of things and not keep having inner sighs about "having to do this just to stay in the competition"(yes,Rami,I'm looking at you!).

Christian gets on my nerves but he deserves props for delivering the goods on this leather and lace number that he made for Kristal. He not only gave her an outfit that suited her tastes and WWE persona,he had fun while doing it. Too bad that everyone else didn't share in his enthusiasm.

Sweet P's struggles were obvious here,as her inability to connect with Candice Michelle's style held her back from putting together a good ensemble. She seemed to get the concept of "robe and reveal",but the robe that Sweet P made revealed way too much and looked like a bargain basement lingerie number.

She just couldn't get head around the fact that a)Candice Michelle wanted something over the top and overly adorned and b)that she was the one who had to do it. Sweet P,sometimes in life,you have to give the folks what they want. It's the professional way to get things done.

While Ricky did like his girl Layla,he did her no favors by putting her in that bright orange bathing suit with a gold and black cover-up that made her look boxy. First off,orange was a truly bad color choice;it blended into her skin tone too well. Red would've been better or a cool,crisp gold. And yes,it was entirely too much of a bathing suit to suit the needs of a WWE gal about to step into the ring.

Rami's dismal not so pretty in pink two piece for Torrie Wilson displeased the judges as well(along with Sweet P and her tribute to Eva Gabor)but it was Ricky who was sent home. Plenty of fans would've shipped him out sooner yet the timing of his departure felt so right. Atleast his former roommates won't have to keep washing his crying towel any longer.

Kudos to Chris March,for throwing a knock-out punch with this fashionably fierce look for Maria! Turns out that she and Chris share a love of leopard prints,which inspired him to create a "caged animal" look for her. The guest judges,Richie Rich and Traver Rains from Heatherette,even adored the glitter lining that Chris had given the hoodie and agreed with Michael Kors that the whole ensemble had a very expensive look to it.

Jillian's tight ended tomboy number for Michelle McCool was a crowd pleaser too,but it was Chris March who took the win for this round. Finally! Happy to see him get some solo props for once here! The number of contestants is getting smaller and smaller,which means that there should be plenty of drama in the next couple of episodes. Should be fun for all.

This week on Nip/Tuck,some of the Knots Landing gals appeared as a group of wealthy First Wives who chose Christian to be their personal plastic surgeon(especially after his audition dinner,where he revealed his "ace of clubs"). I thought that it was Joan Van Ark who wanted to have her face made over as a feline but it was Donna Mills who ran with the crazy here,my bad!

Van Ark did look scary enough as it is-honey,you need to lay off the Botox,seriously! In other subplot news,Eden and Kimber popped in,to get Eden's eye repaired after her first porn shoot with Kimber took a turn for the violent and Colleen's phony agent status was exposed by Bliss(the PR chick who tried to get Sean and Christian a reality show gig)when she brought Sean over to the mall to see Colleen's teddy bear stand.

Colleen didn't take that rejection well,since she appeared at Sean's apartment with bloody hands by the end of the episode. It looks as if she slashed her wrists but given her tendencies towards teddy bear retaliation,we can't be too sure that all of the gore belongs to her:

One thing that you can say about this show,it certainly keeps you on your toes. Next week,the focus will go back to Julia as Eden's poisoning plot seems to be on the verge of exposure. Maybe Colleen will recover long enough to put one of them out of their misery.

Speaking of misery,American Idol has finished up their audition rounds in Atlanta and will be starting the Hollywood rounds next week. Sometimes,I can understand why Paula feels the need to add a lil' something extra to her Coke cup after sitting thru hours of bad singing(I know there's a good joke to made about how she must be used to that,but I'm not going there,folks!).

Anyway,let us savor the last of the crazy contestant goodness together,shall we? After all,there was plenty to be had and it would be a shame not to indulge in such a literal embarrassment of riches:




Random Notes:

Top Chef: Season 4 of the Bravo series begins in March and this time,the competition takes place in Chicago. I like the sound of that,since it might be a chance to move away from all of the fish dishes that the chefs kept running to alot last season. Let's hope that the feuding and the fighting for first place is as flavorful as the food the chefs have to serve.

Smallville: I'm going to have to miss tonight's episode,due to a chance to attend a taping of a The Whitest Kids U Know episode,which is too bad since Green Arrow will back and Black Canary makes her debut in Metropolis. Oh,well,I can enjoy it when the reruns start up again:

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