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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Project Runway S4 reunion,Nip/Tuck's dicey finale and American Idol starts off the songfest with the sixties on the jukebox

Project Runway(like many other Bravo reality series)tends to put on a reunion just before the finale,in order to drag out the season and the suspension a little further. Now,I know there are plenty of places online which would give me all of the juicy details regarding who is ultimately in or out but I prefer to have the illusion of being surprised,so no finale spoilers from me!

Anyway,on to the reunion and the first order of business is a big congrats to Christian for winning the Fan Favorite contest. I was hoping that Chris March would get that ten grand instead but since I didn't even vote(shame on me),I can't really complain here. Christian may be annoying at times but the guy does have personality,which goes a long way as Jules Winfield would put it more succinctly than I ever could.

Christian got his check from last season's FF winner,Michael Knight who is doing very well since the show and is about to come out with his first fragrance. Nice going there,Michael! Good luck with that and in all that you do.

The rest of the reunion was mostly about watching highlight reels of scenes from the cutting room floor,like the major giggle fest that hit Michael Kors during the WWE Divas challenge(who could blame him,that whole thing was surreal)and answering some viewer and designer questions like how is Jack doing(he's OK,spent five days in the hospital and his infection clearly up quickly),what do the judges write on their cards(quick impressions,plus they rate the outfits from 1 to 5)and who was upset the most by what others had to say about them(Carmen was peeved about comments made after she departed).

Next week will be the finale,which will start off with Chris March and Rami having their fashion showdown before everyone goes to Bryant Park. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Chris,but we shall see soon enough who wins the sew-off.

Nip/Tuck has had some wild finales before,but this one is a doozy. Where to start..well,Julia didn't die from Eden's gunshot but she now has "retrograde amnesia",by far the oldest soap opera plot stalling trick in the book.

Matt's intended affair with his half sister Emmy got busted wide open by her mom Darlene,who teamed up with Christian to put a halt to those disturbing passion proceedings right quick. Those two crazy kids have split up for now but there was a little bit of an open door left open there,which I for one would like to slam shut. Christian had one of the best lines of the night regarding the whole freak show mess:

The capper was the gruesome end to the Colleen affair;she hounded Sean at his office and on the set of Hearts N' Scalpels despite a restraining order,blaming him for her slit wrists and unhappy existence. She even stuffed the body of Agent Bear in his closet(just as people were seriously starting to miss him)and the cops thought that she had hide tailed it off to Mexico.

Alas,no such luck. During an operation on daughter Annie(who was injured in a car accident with Christian,thanks to the paparazzi swarming all over them in traffic),guess who showed up to give a literal demonstration of back stabbing? Do you kids need a word bank?:

Well,that's quite a cliffhanger there,wouldn't you say,gang? I don't know how long it will be until we get more of Nip/Tuck but they sure as hell have to come back to let us know if Sean survives! Yes,he's one of the leads which usually means that he'll get to live but this show lives for the weird and the unexpected,so no guarantees on that cliche there.

American Idol had the Top 12 guys and gals choose songs/artists from the 1960s and like last year,it was the ladies who had the better night.

The fellas are decent enough but no real standouts here,in my opinion. I also didn't think that Danny Noriega's version of "Jailhouse Rock" was that bad. It certainly sounded better than I expected. He was much better than the other guy who attempted to do an Elvis song,that's for sure:

However good the girls were,amongst them was this season's first winner of the Sanjaya Award for worst performance. Amy Davis sang the Connie Francis classic"Where the Boys Are",which was bad enough to drive away both the boys and the girls from all corners of the planet.

It was so tedious that her song seemed to go on forever and a day. It was so bad that Randy kept mentioning Patsy Cline and country music,which made no sense to me since a) it's a Connie Francis song and b),Connie was a pop singer! In fact,it was Connie's signature song,a bad choice all around:



There were some great tunes,such as Amanda"Rock N' Roll Nurse"Overmeyer,who was wearing a pair of jeans that Christian from PR would've declared "fierce",Brooke White who did a song that one of the guys had sung the other night(and did it much better)and Carly Smithson.

Let me say this about the whole Carly controversy;this whole notion that American Idol is strictly an amateur competition is a total myth. It's an old wives's tale of a notion like that Lana Turner was discovered at a soda fountain or that if you kill a spider,it brings rain(I wouldn't kill a spider anyway,but I digress). All Idol demands is that any of the contestants not be under contact to any recording company during the competition. That's it! Get over it,please!





Random Notes

NEW AMSTERDAM: The Fox promo tease show about an immortal cop who seeks his true love in New York has now been given an official premiere date of March 10. It will have a couple of preview showings on March 3 and 6th,and I sincerely hope that it will be worth the wait.

My sister asked me during one of the promos if the leading man was Nathan Fillon and while there is a slight resemblance,the answer is a resounding "no". The gentleman's name is Nikolai Coster-Waldau,who has appeared in a number of Danish flicks and a few American ones like Kingdom of Heaven and Firewall. With any luck,this show might get him a shot at some better films to put on his resume.

THE RICHES: Season two will be starting up on March 18 and I can hardly wait. The Pinocchio ad campaign they have been using is very amusing,much more than those Dirt cheesy cartoon commercials with the bad puns. A little subtlety goes a long way,folks!:

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