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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Project Runway's Museum muse,A.I.'s Hollywood week and the writer's strike is over!

It's getting close to finale time on Project Runway and we were all set for a double elimination with this last challenge,which was to select a work of art from one of three galleries at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The designers were given cameras and allowed to roam about the Greek/Roman statue garden,the European paintings section and the Temple of Dendur(an Egyptian temple that was fully transported to the Met).

Guess what gallery Rami chose? Yep,he went for the Greek/Roman,selecting a statue of Aphrodite as his inspiration. You just had to walk thru that trapdoor,didn't you Rami? Yes,it was a beautiful dress(even if it reminds me a little of how the female love interest in Disney's Hercules was outfitted) but being a One Note Johnny is still boring,despite how well that note is played.

Sweet P ran into a snag when her model was late for her fitting(due to a family emergency)but that was the least of her worries. I like Sweet P but most of her work is either hit or miss and her peacock painting inspired dress was definitely a miss with the judges. She really should've created more of a peacock tail feather look on the oufit,maybe made some sort of eye motif or something a tad more dreamlike. Alas,she was given the "auf" from Heidi,so no Bryant Park for her!

Jillian's look came from a painting called "Master of the Argonauts",which gave her a chance to whip up one of her fail safe jackets with a gold lame number. That jacket was terrific but I was less impressed by the dress. It looked too Goldfinger for my taste.

When I was watching Christian put together this multi-layered number based on a Spanish portrait,I thought it was going to be insanely over the top. It was,but in a good way.

He totally wowed the judges and was declared the winner of this challenge as well as guaranteed a spot in the Final Three. He was pleased as punch about that(Christian would make a lousy poker player,he can't hide his emotions to save his life)and Jillian was told that she would join him in the finale. After Sweet P was dismissed,it was down to two: Rami and Chris March.

Then we were given a surprise announcement;seems that the judges couldn't decide between the two of them so they were both declared in for the finale. However,the catch was that the two of them had to show three of the strongest pieces of their collections and only then would one of them be allowed to be in the Final Three.

I credit guest judge Robert Cavalli with this turn of events,since he was the only judge who gave Chris any credit here and declared his gown to be the most artistic of the group. Yes, Chris's high collar was similar to that of the avant garde dress that he and Christian worked on,but if you look at the actual painting that he based his gown on(a portrait of a French noblewoman),you'll see that his goal of updating that look into a modern day couture dress was achieved.

The judges really don't seem to like Chris March or think that he would have lasted as long as he has. Even Tim Gunn gave him a scolding(after Christian ratted him out about taking a nap AFTER Chris's work was done)in the workroom,insisting that he needed to do more with his dress. Chris declined to do so,which was a good decision in my humble opinion.

Next week,we get the big PR reunion show,with follow-ups on those who have been sent home,find out what happened with Jack and gossip galore. Should be a blast!

Nip/Tuck ventured back to Matt and Julia this week,with Julia finally buying a clue that Eden's fabulous fruitcakes have mercury as the secret ingredient(why the hell did it take so long for one of those doctors she kept going to,to figure that out?)and foolish enough to confront Missykins on her own.

It would've been smarter and alot cooler for Olivia to have been hiding nearby in another room and then pop out at the right moment to bust Poison Ivy before she went and got the gun but street smarts have never been part of Julia's basic make-up there. Too bad she has to pay for that the hard way:

Matt didn't do better-after being rejected by Rachel(the only person with enough sense to tell him to go before things get bad),he went on the rebound with one of Christian's charity case patients who was not only a virgin but may well be his half sister to boot. If it wasn't for bad luck,this guy would have no luck at all,I swear.

That's not the worst part-Matt actually wants to continue to have a romance with this girl,finding incest websites to help her convince to go along with this(yeah,the internet is the perfect place to find moral justification)and apparently not tell Christian about their potential blood bond. As Buffy would say "Ewwww!" First off,someone needs to take a blood test here and secondly,if the two of them are related,the answer to this love question is a resounding "no,no,no!" Ick to the third power,Matt!

Next week is the season finale,where we'll find out what happened to Colleen,if Julia is still alive and kicking and how all of the Hollywood madness will affect Sean and Christian.

American Idol has completed Hollywood week and selected their Top 24 contenders for this season. As it was for me last time,I'm not very impressed by the fellas who made it this far. I did think that Josiah Leming was going to have a full out freak out,especially since his godawful rendition of "Stand By Me" sans the band flopped miserably. He did take his dismissal better than I expected,but not without some tears.

I was glad to see some of the ladies that I liked from earlier rounds go thru,like Amanda Overmeyer,Brooke White and Carly Smithson. Here are the gals in action:




Random Notes: Special Edition

THE WRITER'S STRIKE IS OVER!!!: Finally,a deal has been made and the writers will be back at work. Many TV watchers will rejoice as a number of their favorite shows will be back on the air as soon as late March or early April. Alas,we Heroes fans will have to wait until the fall for Volume three but perhaps that is for the best.

Congratulations to the WGA and all of the writers for sticking to your guns. Glad to see you folks get what you deserve and look forward to enjoying plenty of lively conversations like this one:

And funny bits like this:

And what's a victory without a good victory song, I ask you ?:

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