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Friday, February 15, 2008

Put a spring in your step as you enter the movie trailer park

Now that winter is nearly over and the writers can get back to work,it's time to see what is ahead of us on the Spring movie horizon. Looks like we have some fun and thrills awaiting to be enjoyed while we munch on popcorn and debate the whole Miley Cyrus seatbelt scandal(it's making a big deal over nothing,if you ask me).

First up is 10,000 B.C.,due out in early March,with the potential to do as well as 300 did around this same time of year. The plot is your basic Robert E. Howard type,primitive tribesman seeks out evil warlord to save his people and rescue his lady love. Talk about old school,this is older than that,plot pre-school!:

Next up is Funny Games,a dark comedy starring Tim Roth and Naomi Watts as a Yuppie couple who go on vacation with their child and wind up as the tormented playthings of two charmingly vicious young men. This is a remake of a German film from 1997 directed by the same man who did the original film,Michael Haneke.

The movie looks truly twisted and this whole "director redoes his own movie for an American audience" deal reminds me of The Vanishing debates a few years ago. Hopefully,Funny Games doesn't suffer in translation like that remake did:

Speaking of remakes,one of Jamie Lee Curtis' classic slasher flicks is being revived just in time for graduation season. Yes,it's Prom Night,with Brittany Snow and a bunch of other actors who look young enough to be carded getting hacked to death on their big night.

Times may change but some things stay the same,like giving teenagers an excuse to dress up, party and become part of a psycho killer's bodycount:

Let us not forget about Sequelmania,the other rampant disease that filmmakers eagerly succumb to in search of big bucks. Harrison Ford is clearly not immune to it since Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull will be hitting the theaters this May.

I'm kind of on the fence about this one. As much as I loved the early Indy flicks,I really don't see the need for another one. I'm a fan of trilogies,due to the fact that most film series start to lose their favor faster than a piece of chewing gum after the third or fourth film(too many examples to name but only look at Spiderman 3 or the fourth Godfather film to see my point). Maybe this will be different or atleast entertaining. Keep your fingers crossed,folks:

I have no doubts about the new M. Knight Shyamalan movie,The Happening,which has Marky Mark Wahlberg(sorry folks but I'm always going to think of him as Marky Mark now and forever)as a schoolteacher trying to make sense of the bizarre occurrences cropping up everywhere that threaten the fate of humankind.

This may seem like typical Shyamalan fare,but in my opinion,nobody does it better when it comes to cinematic twists of the odd kind these days:

Now,this movie is not coming out until the fall but since the trailer is already making the preview rounds,I couldn't hold off on it any longer. The Duchess,about the life and loves of Georgiana,the infamous Duchess of Devonshire,is based on Amanda Foreman's renowned biography and stars Keira Knightley in the title role.

Ralph Fiennes co-stars as the Duke,along with Charlotte Rampling as Lady Spencer(yes,an ancestor of Lady Diana,along with the Duchess herself)and while there's no poster just yet,the trailer offers a pretty sumptuous vision of a regal world that was enchanting and imprisoning all at once,something that many famous folk today can certainly relate to:

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