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Monday, February 25, 2008

While there was no blood,the 2008 Oscars did prove to be no country for dull men

Last night's Oscar show was one of the better nights of Hollywood hoopla that we've had in awhile. Jon Stewart was very funny(loved that bit where they came back from commercial and he was using the big screen to play Wii),alot of deserving folks won and the broadcast didn't feel like it was ten hours long. In fact,the awards were being given out at a pretty good clip;by ten o'clock,Best Actress was being announced. Nice going,Academy!

Congrats are in order to Marion Cotillard for Best Actress,Diablo Cody for Best Original Screenplay(not to mention rocking the leopard print fierce)and the songwriter/singers of "Falling Slowly" for Best Song as first time Oscar winners. While I wasn't a big fan of that tune,seeing those two win was a nice Cinderella story come to life and kudos to Jon Stewart for having Marketa Irglova come back out to give her acceptance speech. These time limits given to the winners to talk can be rather draconian,I swear!

One of the highpoints of the night was seeing Daniel Day-Lewis win Best Actor but whoever talked his wife into wearing that bloody beribboned nightmare of a dress should be taken into a dark bowling alley for some mean milkshake metaphors.

There weren't any really bad outfits to speak of,or too much wackiness of the unexpected kind. Gary Busey appeared to be getting rowdy on the red carpet but someone must've corralled him before he got into the Kodak Theater. I felt bad for Jennifer Garner,she got the drunken uncle at the wedding treatment from him:

The Coen brothers cleaned up nicely,with No Country For Old Men picking up several awards,including Best Adapted Screenplay,Best Director and Best Picture,along with Javier Bardem getting Best Supporting Actor. I haven't seen NCFOM yet(not for lacking of trying)but have had it on my Netflix queue ever since I learned of it's release date(March 11)and am even more enthused in watching than I was earlier.

I do wish that There Will Be Blood had gotten a few more Oscars under it's belt,yet I can't really begrudge the Coens their success. They've put out a lot of good work over the years and are worthy adversaries to give way to in such a competition:

Like I said,there's not much to complain about here but I do think that "Happy Working Song" should've had a production number to back it up(after all,the other two Enchanted songs did,and were showcased to much better advantage for it). Amy Adams was lovely ,but it was rather obvious that her song was a book number and not a breakaway pop hit.

So,thank you ,Academy Awards, for giving us a awards show that was actually worth talking about. Hopefully,there'll be some more spice and silly clothing choices to chortle over next year but given the hasty circumstances in which you had only so much time to finish your prep work,I think you guys should give yourselves a round of applause. Also,thanks for selecting some damn fine movies for folks to choose from instead of the usual Oscar bait fare:

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