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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

March Movie Poster Mania

We've got a new month of movie going ahead of us and a batch of movie posters that could either help or hinder it's reception at the box office.

First up is Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day,starring Frances McDormand and Amy Adams as an unlikely duo who team up to make both their lives better. The ads for the movie suggest an old school madcap comedy but all this poster is showcasing are more legs than a bucket of chicken. You can't see Amy Adams(who is a pretty hot commodity right now) or Frances McD that well and they're the stars of the movie!

My guess is that someone in the studio thought it would be a good idea to sex the poster up alittle but I suspect that anyone looking for a hot time at the multiplex might be disappointed here:

Next is Horton Hears A Who,with Jim Carrey and Steve Carell doing the voice work as the classic Dr. Seuss characters. I am glad to see that Hollywood has decided that if they're going to put Seuss stories onscreen,they'll make them animated,sparing us any further live action make-up horror shows.

The poster is nicely colorful and eye catching,not too far from the actual palette that the Seuss books use themselves,which is as it should be:

And here we have Sex and the City,a rather modest ad for the former HBO series about to hit theaters...not! I wouldn't be surprised if the letters on this sucker actually lit up and blinked on/off.

Also,why is it that Sarah Jessica Parker is the only one featured on the poster? Granted,this is a teaser ad,with the slogan "get Carried away" no less,but since this is an ensemble cast,you'd think that each gal would get her own poster. Perhaps the final one sheet will have all of the gals on it to their full advantage:

Last but not least is this dramatic poster for 10,000 B.C.-I really like this one for it's stunning ant's POV of a charging woolly mammoth. Even if this movie is a total laughfest,the visuals being promised to the viewer will be honored.

The movie opens up this week,and will no doubt do well amongst first weekenders regardless of the poster but it is a nifty bonus there. The other poster has the saber tooth tiger that's been seen in the trailers,which reminds me a little bit of charging cliff ad for 300,which 10,000 B.C. hopes to mimic in terms of raking in the dough:

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