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Monday, March 03, 2008

Open Letter to Anne Rice,re: new Lestat book

Dear Anne Rice,

So,word around the campfire is that you're going to write one last book about your vampire icon,Lestat,despite what you've said awhile back about dropping that bad boy like a red hot potato. Of course,folks will have to wait until your four part series of novels about Jesus are done.

That's great,Anne,but one thing concerns me a little bit there. As a naturally curious gal,I went to your official website to get some more info on this subject and in reading over your letter to the fans,noticed a rather repetitive theme there,that of constant apology:

"The novel, if ever written, would be entirely Christian in framework and would involve Redemption. It would affirm my dedication to Christ and my belief in Him and my commitment to write only for Him."

"Let me affirm: the book --- if ever written --- would reflect my commitment to the Lord to write for Him and for Him alone. The novel is still in the idea stage, and represents an attempt to bring my deep Christian commitment to my old hero and bring my old hero to my Christian commitment. The novel would only be written if and when I find a space to do it that does not interfere with my writing of Jesus’ life on earth in the Christ the Lord series."

"Yes, I did famously say I would never write about those old characters again, and I meant it when I said it because I could not then envision a redemptive novel with Lestat. I had attempted redemptive novels with him like Memnoch the Devil and Blood Canticle and they had not entirely succeeded. Also my new vocation, to write directly for Christ, became the dominant theme of my entire life. And it still is the dominant theme of my entire life."

"There is no possibility for me to return to writing about the vampires as heroes of a dark realm in which they are the only authority on their actions. There will be no more rip roaring adventures for the godless Lestat. That is dead and gone. I found the light in Christ for which my old characters were always searching. The question is: can I bring my Christian faith back to one of those old characters in a meaningful and deeply religious way."

Anne,from one former Catholic schoolgirl to another,let me say this:enough with the guilt trip already! You don't have to act like going back to finish up old business with characters that you created is such a wicked thing. Christianity is all about the forgiveness,Anne. Embrace it. Everyone is allowed to change their minds-that's why rock stars have reunion tours.

Now,I respect your right as an author to do what you will with your characters but as a vampire fan who hasn't read any of the Chronicles since Tale of the Body Thief, whatever happened with Louis,your original vampire in search of redemption? If you want to go back to basics,his struggles to retain his humanity while fighting his bloodthirsty urges are what drew folks to your books in the first place. Bring back Louis,is suggestion number one:

Also,Anne,could you try to lighten up a little? One of the main reasons that I stopped reading any of your stuff was your persistent pessimism on the pages. Have you watched either Buffy or Angel? Joss Whedon could certainly show you a thing or two about having your vampire angst and eating some comedy cake with it,too:

If you're not comfy with having your vampire crack wise,atleast bring the sexy back. As much as music fans respect Prince for his more "spiritual" albums like Sign O' the Times and Musicology,the truth be told,the man is at his best when he's singing about
how he wants your extra time and your kiss.

You can try and divide the romance from the vampire ,but like peanut butter and jelly,the two taste best when they're served up together in a big ol' sultry sandwich. Fight it if you must,but in the end,lust,blood or otherwise, is alluring and more entertaining than existential moping:

Whatever you do there,Anne,just try to have some fun with it. You might win back some old fans along with the new that way.


Lady T and the rest of the vampire people.

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