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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Desparately seeking the perfect birthday movie

My birthday is coming up next week,April 25 to be precise,and I'm having trouble deciding upon a good movie to see. You would think that having my natal day fall on a prime movie release day be a good thing but the pickings are rather slim this year.

I don't always go to the movies on my birthday but when I do,I try to see something good. Some of my film choices in the past have been The Purple Rose of Cairo,Raising Arizona and Lost In America. This time around,I might be better off with a Netflix rental. If you think that I'm being too picky,let's take a look at what is due out at the multiplex by next Friday:


This Tina Fey/Amy Poehler team up is being pretty heavily advertised and while both ladies can be fiercely funny(especially Poehler,who I've been a fan of since her days in the Upright Citizens Brigade)but the film doesn't seem like a real laugh riot to me.

A gross out comedy about infertility that's crossbred with chick flick sass and sentimentality just seems more like a Frankensteinian creation than a merry romp at the movies. To be honest,the quality of this movie is like a coin toss from Two Face;the odds of it being good or bad are strictly fifty-fifty:


I didn't see the first Harold and Kumar film and while that may not be a true deterrent from seeing this one,I learned my lesson about going to comedy series sequels unprepared by the previous films the hard way.

My sister still apologizes for making me sit thru American Pie 2,an awful experience that I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy(to be fair,my sister just wanted to watch something with Eugene Levy in it). I'm sure that this film will do just fine at the weekend box office without my ten bucks adding to it's take:


"Come on now,Lady T-Hugh Jackman,Ewan McGregor? Sounds like a winning combo to me!"
Yes,it sounds good but not great.

Sure,Hugh Jackman as an evil manipulator setting up McGregor for a sex club murder with Michelle Williams as the object of their deadly affection looks hot on paper,but it also looks like the plot of a Lifetime Channel made for TV movie or a two part Law & Order:SVU. Sorry,I want something more than a routine thriller:

So,there you have it,the big movie debuts on my birthday. Not much to crow about there. Maybe I'll be lucky and find a showing of something that I wanted to see earlier and missed,like The Other Boleyn Girl. Or perhaps I can catch up with Juno on DVD,who knows.

I do admit that I was hoping to see one particular movie ever since I caught a teaser of it at the Scream Awards last fall. Repo The Genetic Opera,a truly twisted musical about futuristic repossessors of organ transplants that haven't been fully paid that stars Sarah Brightman,Anthony Stewart Head,Paul Sorvino,and even Paris Hilton,would've been excellently exciting to see. Alas,the movie's release date has been moved to August. Oh well,it certainly looks worth the wait:

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